Leadership Development

Paths To Self-insight and Professional Growth

By Manuel London

© 2001 – Psychology Press

312 pages

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About the Book

Leadership Development explores how leaders gain and use self-knowledge for continuous improvement and career development and describes how leaders help themselves and the people with whom they work, understand themselves, and become more self-determined, continuous learners, and make the most of resources, such as feedback and coaching. This book explains why leaders need support for self-insight and professional growth in today's business environment. It explores dimensions of effective leadership in light of business, technological, and economic trends. Focusing on the importance of leaders developing accurate self-understanding, the book defines self-insight, outlines the meaning of internal strength and resilience for self-regulation, and considers how leaders attain a meaningful and realistic sense of self-identity.

This volume illustrates ways organizations support these psychological processes. Leadership development is viewed as a comprehensive, continuous process that includes evaluating organizational needs and individual competencies, setting goals for career development and performance improvement, offering needed training and growth experiences, providing feedback, and tracking change in behavior and performance over time. It describes how leaders react to feedback and how 360-degree feedback survey methods and executive coaching help leaders attain and apply self-insight to enhance their performance. In addition, this book considers challenges and opportunities for leadership development, including how leaders overcome career barriers and become continuous learners.


"…organizational researchers and students will find a treasure trove of literature, and new ideas to verify and test. If they also read the book with their leadership caps on, they will come out of it with the realization that self-insight, self-regulation, and self-identity apply to them as well, in summary, I'm glad I was given the time to read this book…"

Personnel Psychology

"This is a highly in-depth treatment of the subject filled with high-quality content."

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Table of Contents

Contents: E.A. Fleishman, Series Foreword. Preface. Introduction: Dimensions of Effective Leadership. Part I:Psychological Processes Underlying Leadership Behavior. Self-Insight: Prerequisite for Understanding Others and the Environment. Self-Regulation: Processes for Maintaining Motivation and Resilience. Self-Identity: Personal Directions for Development. Part II:Support for Leadership Development. The Leadership Development Process. Feedback Processes. 360-Degree Feedback. Coaching Processes. Development Programs. Part III:Challenges and Opportunities. Overcoming Career Barriers. Becoming a Continuous Learner. Conclusion: Becoming a Principled, Diplomatic Leader.

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