Bioengineering of the Skin

Skin Biomechanics, Volume V

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pub: 2001-10-26
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About the Book

Since skin forms the interface between the human body and the environment, its mechanical properties are important in health and disease. Bioengineering of the Skin: Skin Biomechanics gives a thorough introduction in the biological basis of skin biomechanics. It explains the non-invasive methods that allow measurement of the mechanical properties of the skin focusing on commercially available instruments.

Written by internationally leading experts in the field of non-invasive measurement technology of the skin, this volume describes the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology of skin biomechanics. It explains in detail how to measure skin mechanic properties and how to use these measurements in the development of drugs and cosmetics.


"Researchers who must evaluate changes in the biomechanical properties of skin would find this book fascinating and very useful - or they may already know most of the information and find it a good reference to look up and confirm facts… 4 Stars!"

- Patricia Wong, M.D., Stanford University Medical Center, in Divine, Inc. (formerly Doody Publishing)

Table of Contents


Mechanical Properties of Human Skin: Biomechemical Aspects, Oikarinen and Knuutinen

Mechanical Properties of Human Skin: Animal Models, Vogel

Mechanical Properties of Human Skin: Elasticity Parameters and Their Relevance, Serup

Mechanical Properties of the Skin During Friction Assessment, Zahouani, Asserin, and Humbert


General Aspects:

Hardware and Basic Principles of the Dermal Torque Meter, de Rigal

In Vivo Tensile Tests on Human Skin: The Extensometers, Vescovo, Varchon, and Humbert

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Cutometer, Berndt and Elsner

Hardware and Measurement Principles: The Gas-bearing Electrodynamometer and Linear Skin Rheometer, Matts

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Dermaflex A, Serup

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The DermaLab, Serup

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Dermagraph in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis and in Healthy Volunteers, Häuselmann, Huber, Seifert, and Michel

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Durometer, Romanelli and Falanga

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Ballistometer, Pugliese and Potts

Hardware and Measuring Principles: The Microindentometer, Edwards and Graves

Standardization of Skin Biomechanical Measurements, Wickett

Mapping Mechanical Properties of Human Skin, Wilhelm and Maibach

Skin Mechanics and Hydration, Larsen and Jemec

Skin Tensile Strength in Scleroderma, Piérard, Hermanns-Lê, and Piérard-Franchimont

Mechanical Properties in Other Dermatological Diseases, Dobrev

Product Testing:

Skin Biomechanics: Antiaging Products, Rona and Berardesca

Product Testing: Moisturizers, Barel

Antikeloidal Products, Worret

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