Assessing the Hazard of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances in Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems

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pub: 2007-01-03
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About the Book

Current procedures used for hazard identification and classification are based on persistence, bioaccumulation, and toxicity measurements. Assessing the Hazard of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances in Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems provides the basis for improvements to the current model for hazard assessment. The book reviews the scientific underpinnings of the use of persistence as applied to metals, including bioavailability, and the use of bioaccumulation to evaluate aquatic species and aquatic-linked food chains. It also examines toxicity procedures as used within PBT approaches and measurements for metals in terrestrial ecosystems.

The book brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of scientists, managers, and policy makers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States to discuss various means for assessing the environmental hazard posed by metals and inorganic metal substances. The contributors include representatives from regulatory and nonregulatory government agencies, academia, industry, environmental groups, and consulting firms involved in assessment, management, and basic research of metals and metal substances. They provide a focused discussion of the fate and effects of metals in the environment, incorporating important advances developed over the past decade.

Table of Contents

A Pellston Workshop on Metals Hazard Assessment, W.J. Adams and P.M. Chapman

Executive Summary, W.J. Adams and P.M. Chapman

Integrated Approach for Hazard Assessment of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances: The Unit World Model Approach, A. Peters, W.J. Adams, M.L. Diamond, W. Davison, D.M. Di Toro, P.J. Doyle, D. Mackay, J. Nriagu, C. Ptacek, J.M. Skeaff, E. Tipping, and H. Waeterschoot

Bioaccumulation: Hazard Identification of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances, C.E. Schlekat, J.C. McGeer, R. Blust, U. Borgmann, K. Brix, N. Bury, Y. Couillard, R.L. Dwyer, S.N. Luoma, S. Robertson, K.G. Sappington, I. Schoeters, and D.T.H.M. Sijm

Aquatic Toxicity for Hazard Identification of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances, A.S. Green, P.M. Chapman, H.E. Allen, P.G.C. Campbell, R.D. Cardwell, K. De Schamphelaere, K. Delbeke, D.R. Mount, and W.A. Stubblefield

Hazard Assessment of Inorganic Metals and Metal Substances in Terrestrial Systems, E. Smolders, S. McGrath, A. Fairbrother, B.A. Hale, E. Lombi, M. McLaughlin, M. Rutgers, and L. Van der Vliet

Appendix A: A Unit World Model for Hazard Assessment of Organics and Metals


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