New Directions in Memory and Aging (PLE: Memory)

Proceedings of the George A. Talland Memorial Conference

Edited by Leonard W. Poon, James Fozard, Laird S. Cermak, David Arenberg, Larry W. Thompson

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572 pages

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About the Book

Originally published in 1980, this book contains the proceedings from a memorial conference held in honour of George A. Talland, who made a significant contribution to the area of memory and aging. The major objective of the volume was to stimulate research towards a more comprehensive understanding of age related differences in memory. It was also hoped it would provide direction for the application and utilization of research findings in the evaluation and treatment of memory complaints and memory difficulties experienced by the elderly.

The book was intended for two broad groups of scientists. The first being researchers in the psychology of memory, and those who were currently active in the research on aging at the time. The second group was those concerned with applying current research findings to the diagnosis and treatment of problems of memory.

Table of Contents

Preface. George a. Talland. List of Contributors. Alan T. Welford Keynote – Memory and Age: A Perspective View. David Arenberg Part 1: Localization of Decline and the Role of Attention in Memory 1. Anderson D. Smith Age Differences in Encoding , Storage, and Retrieval 2. Timothy A. Salthouse Age and Memory: Strategies for Localizing the Loss 3. David Arenberg Comments on the Process that Account for Memory Declines with Age 4. David F. Hultsch and C.A. Pentz Encoding, Storage and Retrieval in Adult Memory: The Role of Model Assumptions 5. Fergus I.M. Craik and Eileen Simon Age Differences in Memory: The Roles of Attention and Depth of Processing 6. Marcel Kinsbourne Attentional Dysfunctions and the Elderly: Theoretical Models and Research Perspectives 7. John R. Frederiksen Some Cautions we Might Exercise in Attributing Age Deficits in Memory to Attentional Dysfunctions 8. Arthur Wingfield Attention, Levels of Processing, and State-Dependent Recall 9. Robin A. Barr Some Remarks on the Time-Course of Aging. Laird S. Cermak Part 2: Age-Related Changes in Memory Processes 10. David A. Walsh and Michael J. Prasse Iconic Memory and Attentional Processes in the Aged 11. Robert G. Crowder Echoic Memory and the Study of Aging Memory Systems 12. Arthur Wingfield and Anne W. Sandoval Perceptual Processing for Meaning 13. Larry W. Thompson Periodic "Lapses" in Attentional Processes: A Possible Correlate of Memory Impairment in the Elderly 14. Mitchell Grossberg Individual Age-Related Differences in Sensory Memory 15. Nancy C. Waugh and Robin A. Barr Memory and Mental Tempo 16. Laird S. Cermak Memory as a Processing Continuum 17. Terence Hines Depth of Processing or Multiple Codes: An Explanation of Age-Related Decrements in Memory 18. Janet L. Lachman and Roy Lachman Age and the Actualization of World Knowledge 19. Roy Lachman and Janet L. Lachman Picture Naming: Retrieval and Activation of Long-Term Memory 20. Marion Perlmutter An Apparent Paradox About Memory and Aging 21. Raymond S. Nickerson Retrieval Efficiency, Knowledge Assessment and Age: Comments on Some Welcome Findings. Larry W. Thompson Part 3: Testing and Mnemonic Strategies 22. Richard C. Erickson, Leonard W. Poon and Leslie Walsh-Sweeney Clinical Memory Testing of the Elderly 23. Marilyn S. Albert and Edith Kaplan Organic Implications of Neuropsychological Deficits in the Elderly 24. Larry R. Squire The Neuropsychology of Amnesia: An Approach to the Study of Memory and Aging 25. Nelson Butters Potential Contributions of Neuropsychology to our Understanding of the Memory Capacities of the Elderly 26. Leonard W. Poon, Leslie Walsh-Sweeney and James L. Fozard Memory Skill Training for the Elderly: Salient Issues on the Use of Imagery Mnemonics 27. Eugene Winograd and Elliott W. Simon Visual Memory and Imagery in the Aged 28. Laird S. Cermak Comments on Imagery as a Therapeutic Mnemonic 29. Elizabeth Anne Robertson-Tchabo Cognitive-Skill Training for the Elderly: Why Should "Old Dogs" Acquire New Tricks? 30. Elizabeth M. Zelinski, Michael J. Gilewski and Larry W. Thompson Do Laboratory Tests Relate to Self-Assessement of Memory Ability in the Young and Old? Leonard W. Poon and James L. Fozard Epilogue: New Directions in Memory and Aging Research. Author Index. Subject Index.

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