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  • Behavior and Group Management in Outdoor Adventure Education: Theory, research and practice book cover

    Behavior and Group Management in Outdoor Adventure Education

    Theory, research and practice

    By Alan Ewert, Curt Davidson

    Outdoor adventure activities are becoming an increasingly popular part of physical education programs. The physical risks of these activities are often foremost in the minds of both instructors and participants, yet it is managing group behavior which can prove to be the most difficult. This is the…

    Paperback – 2017-06-21

  • Psychology in Historical Context: Theories and Debates book cover

    Psychology in Historical Context

    Theories and Debates

    By Richard Gross

    Psychology, the study of mind and behaviour, has developed as a unique discipline in its brief history. Whether as it currently takes place, or how it has been conducted over the past 140 years or so since it became recognized as a separate field of study, there has been constant debate on its…

    Hardback – 2017-06-21

  • Science and Psychology book cover

    Science and Psychology

    By Richard Wilton, Trevor Harley

    Science and Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the structure and characteristics of scientific explanation, using examples from a variety of sciences to illuminate the scientific approach taken in psychology. In addition, the authors discuss a range of conceptual issues particular…

    Hardback – 2017-06-21

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Marketing Contacts

Editorial Contacts

  • Ceri Griffiths, Editor

    Ceri Griffiths publishes books in the areas of cognitive psychology/neuroscience, biopsychology, neuropsychology, and research methods. She is interested in publishing books by established and up-and-coming researchers, in a variety of different formats, including edited collections, textbooks, professional books, and handbooks.

  • Christina Chronister, Editor, US and Canada
    Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Leadership, Consumer Psychology, Health Psychology, History of Psychology, Theoretical

    Christina Chronister commissions a broad range of books in many of the applied areas, including industrial and organizational psychology, leadership, consumer psychology, and health psychology, as well as books in the areas of history of psychology and theoretical and philosophical psychology.

  • Aiyana Curtis, Editor, UK and Rest of World
    Research monographs: Education, Psychology, Mental Health

    Aiyana Curtis commissions academically rigorous and groundbreaking research across all sub-disciplines in the areas of Education, Psychology and Mental Health. She is interested in receiving proposals for research monographs, edited collections and Routledge Focus titles.

  • Paul Dukes, Senior Publisher, US and Canada
    Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Social Neuroscience

    Paul Dukes commissions scholarly titles in all the major topics within the fields of cognitive and social psychology. The range includes undergraduate and graduate textbooks in key topics, while handbooks, edited collections, and monographs provide upper-level students and researchers with a valuable and cutting-edge resource. The focus is on high-quality, peer-reviewed experimental research by authors who are internationally renowned for their work. Many recent publications integrate research using the latest in neuroimaging techniques.

  • Georgette Enriquez, Editor, US and Canada
    Developmental Psychology, Developmental Neuroscience, Gerontology, Language Disorders, Neuropsychology

    Georgette Enriquez acquires academic books in the areas of developmental psychology, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, speech and language disorders, and sport psychology. In each area, she publishes cutting-edge research and perspectives in a variety of formats, including authored and edited volumes, handbooks, and textbooks at the undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Matthew Friberg, Editor, US
    Research monographs, Education, Psychology, Mental Health

    Matthew Friberg actively commissions research monographs across a range of topics in the areas of Education, Psychology, and Mental Health. He is interested in receiving proposals for single-authored books and edited collections on cutting-edge research in these subjects for the Routledge Research program.

  • Russell George, Editor, UK and Rest of World
    Applied Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Sport Psychology, Work Psychology

    Russell George commissions books in applied psychology, with principal subject areas in health, occupational and organizational, forensic, and sport and exercise psychology, although the list includes any book that examines psychology within an applied setting. It is the only dedicated applied psychology list at a major international academic publisher, reflecting our commitment to the evolution of the discipline, and features titles aimed at both academic and professional readers. Russell is also responsible for our introductory psychology textbooks, many of which have published successfully in several editions.

  • Lucy Kennedy, Senior Editor, UK and Rest of World
    Adolescent Studies, Developmental Psychology, Family Studies , Developmental Neuroscience

    Lucy Kennedy commissions academic and professional books in the field of developmental psychology and neuropsychology. With over fourteen years of experience in psychology publishing she has published quality content in a variety of formats including core textbooks, edited collections, handbooks, and books for the general reader. Her list includes a wide range of books on established areas such as cognitive and social development, adolescent research, brain disorders and neuropsychological rehabilitation, as well as emerging fields such as brain development.

  • Lucinda Knight, Editor, Australia and New Zealand

    Lucinda commissions Education, Psychology and Mental Health books. She is interested in receiving proposals for books in these areas from authors based in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Eleanor Reedy, Editor for Social and Introductory Psychology

    Eleanor commissions in social and introductory psychology on a range of topics such as intergroup behaviour, attitudes, group processes, prejudice, self and social identity, social cognition, and gender identity and sex roles. She is interested in publishing books in a variety of formats including handbooks, textbooks, and authored and edited volumes, aimed at students, academics and researchers, based on established and cutting edge research in the field.

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