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1st Edition

Mining Software Specifications
Methodologies and Applications

June 14, 2017 by CRC Press
460 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations

3rd Edition

Modern Criticism and Theory
A Reader

November 21, 2013 by Routledge
866 Pages

1st Edition

John Foxe
An Historical Perspective

June 30, 2020 by Routledge
270 Pages

1st Edition

Elizabethan Naval Administration

July 19, 2019 by Routledge
824 Pages

1st Edition

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
A Reader

July 31, 1972 by Routledge
704 Pages

1st Edition

Persistent Young Offenders
An Evaluation of Two Projects

November 15, 2007 by Routledge
164 Pages

1st Edition

The Religious Culture of Marian England

January 21, 2016 by Routledge
224 Pages

1st Edition

Reader's Guide to British History

June 19, 2003 by Routledge
1760 Pages

1st Edition

The Tudor Navy
An Administrative, Political and Military History

November 12, 1992 by Routledge
328 Pages

1st Edition

The Church of Mary Tudor

January 13, 2006 by Routledge
384 Pages