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1st Edition

The Science of Electric Vehicles
Concepts and Applications

By Frank R. Spellman
March 29, 2023 by CRC Press
240 Pages 105 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Driving Automation
A Human Factors Perspective

By Mark S. Young, Neville A. Stanton
March 10, 2023 by CRC Press
296 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Air Turbulence and its Methods of Detection

By Leonardo Di G. Sigalotti, Fidel Cruz Peregrino, Alejandro Ramírez-Rojas
February 24, 2023 by CRC Press
428 Pages 9 Color & 60 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Spark Ignition Engine Modeling and Control System Design
A Guide to Model-in-the-Loop Hierarchical Control Methodology

By Amir-Mohammad Shamekhi, Amir Hossein Shamekhi
February 22, 2023 by CRC Press
192 Pages 129 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Springback Assessment and Compensation of Tailor Welded Blanks

Edited By Ab Abdullah, MF Jamaludin
December 27, 2022 by CRC Press
308 Pages 183 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

The Vehicle Diesel Engine Start-up Process
Operational and Environmental Aspects

By Paweł Droździel
December 26, 2022 by Routledge
150 Pages 105 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Fluid Mechanics

By Ethirajan Rathakrishnan
December 16, 2022 by CRC Press
570 Pages 117 Color & 92 B/W Illustrations

3rd Edition

Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Implementation in MATLAB® and Simscape Multibody™

By Kevin Russell, John Q. Shen, Raj Sodhi
December 16, 2022 by CRC Press
544 Pages 391 B/W Illustrations

3rd Edition

Theory of Gearing
Kinematics, Geometry, and Synthesis

By Stephen P. Radzevich
November 29, 2022 by CRC Press
1192 Pages 820 B/W Illustrations

3rd Edition

Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems

By Tom Denton, Hayley Pells
November 25, 2022 by Routledge
420 Pages 1040 Color Illustrations

1st Edition

Compressed Hydrogen in Fuel Cell Vehicles
On-board Storage and Refueling Analysis

By Shitanshu Sapre, Kapil Pareek, Rupesh Rohan
November 23, 2022 by CRC Press
136 Pages 68 B/W Illustrations

1st Edition

Industrial Tribology
Sustainable Machinery and Industry 4.0

Edited By Jitendra Kumar Katiyar, Alessandro Ruggiero, T V V L N Rao, J. Paulo Davim
November 11, 2022 by CRC Press
336 Pages 185 B/W Illustrations