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  • Recommended by CHOICE Reviews - The Elements of Environmental Pollution

    "This makes his volume a good complement to some other works that address topics like global warming, energy choices, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss, which are not emphasized here....There is a good selection of end-of-chapter references, and most of them are from very recent research, mainly since 2000. Overall, a valuable resource for libraries seeking a more current discussion of this topic for their collection. Summing Up: Recommended. Undergraduate and graduate students." -

    H. E. Pence, SUNY College at Oneonta, CHOICE Reviews February 2016 (click on the post to read the full review)

  • Author Q&A Session with Andrew Cunningham

    Routledge is pleased to share with you our author Q&A session with Andrew Cunningham, author of the published title International Humanitarian NGOs and State Relations. Cunningham is a humanitarian practitioner and consultant. He has 23 years’ experience in the aid sector, including 14 years with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), ten years of which was in the field and four in HQ. Andrew’s specialty is in highly insecure contexts and civil society space in humanitarian crises. Since leaving MSF Andrew has completed his PhD in War Studies at King’s College London, where he is a Research Fellow. Andrew works as a consultant and trainer for humanitarian organizations and is a member of the Board of MSF International.

  • Author Q&A Session with Elizabeth J. Grant

    Routledge is pleased to share with you our author Q&A session with Elizabeth J. Grant, author of the published title Integrating Building Performance with Design. Grant is an associate professor at the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. She is a registered architect and the Associate Director of the Center for High Performance Environments. Her interests include environmentally sensitive design, building enclosures, and building systems integration.

  • FreeBook: Pathways to Health and Sustainability

    The second FreeBook produced in partnership with the ESRC STEPS Centre

  • Celebrate International Day of Forests 2018

    To celebrate International Day of Forests on the 21st March we have selected some of our bestselling titles around this year's theme; Forests and Sustainable Cities.

  • Celebrate World Water Day 2018

    To celebrate World Water Day on the 22nd March we have selected some bestselling titles around this year's theme; Nature for Water.

  • Interview with William Scott & Paul Vare about 'The World We'll Leave Behind'

    We caught up with William Scott & Paul Vare to discuss their exciting new title, The World We'll Leave Behind. Read on for the full interview, to find out more about this title and its authors...

  • Professor Michael Grubb's Inaugural Lecture, 'Energy, Europe and the Economics of Innovation'

    Professor Michael Grubb will be giving an inaugural lecture on, 'Energy, Europe and the Economics of Innovation' at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. Drawing on the book Planetary Economics, Professor Grubb will offer a wider theoretical framework and explain how this can reshape our view of both the economic and political dimensions of effective policy, including (but not confined to) the energy transition. Read on for more information about the event and Grubb's publications with Routledge...

  • EU Environmental Policy FreeBook

    An invaluable resource for anyone interested in environmental policy, EU law and politics.

  • Featured Authors: Joyce D'Silva and John Webster

    Joyce D'Silva and John Webster are our latest Routledge Featured Authors. In a recent blog post, John Webster sheds light on some of the issues raised in the new edition of their powerful and challenging book, The Meat Crisis: Developing more Sustainable and Ethical Production and Consumption, 2nd Edition

  • Greenleaf: Librarian and User Resources

    The Greenleaf Online Library (GOL)

    The digitized Greenleaf Online Library (GOL) provides unlimited access to both the archive ebooks and newly released titles. GOL contains more than 5,000 chapters and articles from more than 300 books.

    GOL gives instant access to leading thinkers on sustainability; case studies on best practice from international organizations; and evidence-based research to inspire the next generation of socially responsible leaders. GOL is the perfect resource for:

    • Signatories to the UN Global Compact, and organizations committing to responsibility and sustainability
    • Researchers, students and practitioners interested in business, management and cross-disciplinary aspects of sustainability and CSR
    • Business and management teachers in need of engaging and inspiring case studies
    • Schools wishing to demonstrate a commitment to PRME
    • Business schools working to gain AACSB, EQUIS or similar accreditation
    • Learning and Development Officers
    • Sustainability Teams within corporate organizations

    View the Greenleaf Online Library eBook collection here.

    The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL)

    The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) contains more than 10,000 individually searchable chapters, case studies and journal papers drawn from more than 800 book and journal volumes, published by the leading independent sustainability publisher, Greenleaf Publishing, and a number of partner organizations. Each item carries its own metadata, which means that the collection is fully searchable at the chapter/article level. SOL can be used in many ways including:

    • Practical support for learning and research
    • Many case studies for teaching and learning
    • Support for and demonstration of CSR values
    • Cross-functional and cross-disciplinary uses
    • Support for waste reduction initiatives
    • Help in engagement with staff and stakeholders

    SOL gives instant access to leading thinkers on sustainability; hundreds of case studies on best practice from international organizations; and research to inspire the next generation of socially responsible leaders. SOL covers topics including sustainability, responsible business, ethics, corporate governance, development economics and the environment. SOL is a unique, easy-to-use and very substantial information and reference library, available across your entire organization and accessible from any workstation or mobile/tablet device.

    View the Sustainable Organization Library eBook collection here.