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We've compiled valuable climate change content that echoes the themes of COP21. Download our Climate Change Research FreeBook, read author blog posts and interviews, and discover some of our newest titles on climate change!  Learn more here.

The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), also known as the Paris Climate Conference, is the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate. It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 November to 11 December. For the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, this year's meeting aims to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement to keep global warming below 2°C.

We've compiled valuable climate change content that echoes the themes of COP21. Download our Climate Change Research FreeBook, read author blog posts and interviews, and discover some of our newest titles on climate change!

Climate Change Research from Routledge

Climate Change Research from Routledge is a FreeBook featuring hand-picked content from our Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research series.  It combines a selection of chapters on key themes relating to climate change, in order to share with you some of the important research available on this subject matter. Topics include the Kyoto Protocol's Compliance Committee and the governance of climate change adaptation. Each of the four chapters within this e-book offers a different glimpse into the wide range of climate change research available as part of our series.Download your free copy here.

Climate Change Collection

We have compiled a collection of climate change books relating to the key themes of this years’ conference, including Climate Law and Policy, Climate Politics and Governance, Climate Security and Climate Economics. 

Don't forget - Many of these books have a 'look inside' function so you can browse online before you decide!

Author Blog Posts and Interviews

Q&A with Thomas Hickmann, Author of "Rethinking Authority in Global Climate Governance"

Thomas Hickmann, author of Rethinking Authority in Global Climate Governance discusses his new book and its contribution to the important but often neglected research question: How do the various newly emerging transnational climate initiatives launched by different types of sub- and non-state actors relate to the international climate regime?

Q&A with Claire Dupont, author of "Climate Policy Integration into EU Energy Policy"

Claire Dupont, author of Climate Policy Integration into EU Energy Policy, discusses her new book and its contribution to important climate research and events such as COP21.

Read Claire's Latest blog post here

Coherent Policy More Important Than Ever: The Paris Summit and Climate Policy Integration



The two degree climate change dangerous limit – a noble lie?

Christopher Shaw, author of The Two Degrees Dangerous Limit for Climate Change,discusses the reality being masked by the attempt to limit global warming by two degrees.

Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals: A transformational agenda for an insecure world

In this exclusive blog post, Routledge author Felix Dodds, discusses the development of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a forthcoming book that will tell the complete story.

Q&A with Andrew Szasz, co-editor of "How the World's Religions are Responding to Climate Change"

We interviewed Andrew Szasz, co-editor of How the World's Religions are Responding to Climate Change, about his book and the Pope's anticipated encyclical on Climate Change. Read the Q&A today!

Upping the ante: thinking about post-Paris climate strategies that measure up

Routledge author, Laurence Delina discusses the challenges faced by World Leaders post-COP21 Paris conference. Click here to read the full article

Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Change: Advancing decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity

Routledge author, Todd Schenk discusses his new book and looks at how agencies engaged in infrastructure planning and decision-making might proceed. Click here the article to read the full blog post.

Video interview with the editors of Energy and Transport in Green Transition.

Successful green transition is driven by a mutual interplay between technology, visionary policy, and green institutionalization, argue Atle Midttun and Nina Witoszek in an interview with Paddy Coulter from Oxford Global Media.

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