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    The study of World Englishes has seen a revolutionary shift during the last twenty years. Before 1980, there was a general assumption within Britain, the United States and many other societies where English was taught, that the primary target was the 'Standard English' of Britain. However, during the 1980s interest grew in the identification and description of global varieties of English, marking a shift in focus from 'English' to 'Englishes'.

    This collection covers the full range of differing academic traditions within the subject and also addresses current theoretical approaches to the field. It provides students and researchers with instant access to the key articles and theories on the subject, and is completed by a new introduction from the editors.

    Volume I:  1. Introduction: World Englishes  2. Regional Profiles: The Inner Circle Volume II:  3. Regional profiles: The Outer Circle Volume III:  4. Regional Profiles: The Expanding Circle  5. Paradigms of Description  6. Codification, Norms, Models, and Standards  Volume IV:  7. Intelligibility Across Cultures  8. The Albatross of ‘Nativism’ and the ‘Native Speaker’  9. Contact, Convergence and Mixing  Volume V:  10. Discourse and Rhetorical Strategies  11. World Englishes, Power and Politics  12. World Englishes and Applied Linguistics  Volume VI:  13. Cultures and Canons  14. Corpus Linguistics  15. World Englishes and Globalization