50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom : Teaching Through Inclusive Practice book cover
1st Edition

50 Wellbeing Lessons for the Diverse Primary Classroom
Teaching Through Inclusive Practice

ISBN 9780367708252
Published April 19, 2021 by Routledge
222 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book is designed to support teachers in promoting social and emotional wellbeing within their diverse classroom. With 50 detailed lessons plans and supplemented resources to promote discussion, each lesson plan contains learning outcomes, activity descriptions and further questions around areas of diversity specific to race, culture and LGBTQ+.

This accessible text offers a collection of activities with supplemented resources on a wide range of pertinent topics that challenge children to reflect, ask questions, analyse and find solutions through open discussion and collaboration. It provides them with the opportunity to explore their feelings and understand empathy and develop coping strategies in order to promote mental wellbeing. The content covered in this resource includes topics such as the psychological impact of discrimination, the Black Lives Matter movement, prejudice, coping with loss, feeling left out, moving school and managing as a young carer.

A practical guide ideal for those new to teaching as well as more experienced practitioners, this resource will help address social and emotional wellbeing through themes that often affect marginalised groups and is crucial reading for anyone looking to embed an inclusive mental wellbeing culture within their school.

Table of Contents

Feelings and Emotions

Activity 1 (7-11): What is mental health?

Understanding the definition of mental health

Activity 2 (7-11): My mindful mind

Identify ways to keep a healthy mind

Activity 3 (7-11): Small and Big feelings

Thinking about how emotions and mood change depending on the circumstance

Activity 4 (7-11): How would you feel?

Thinking about how to manage negative feelings

Activity 5 (7-11): Emotional Rollercoaster

Identify the feelings that children may express in a day

Activity 6 (7-11): Keeping Calm

Identify strategies to keep calm in difficult situations


Activity 7 (7-11): Raj and his love for football

Recognising the impact of bullying

Activity 8 (8-11): Helping Raj

Finding strategies to support Raj

Activity 9 (9-11): Is this a stranger danger type of thing?

Understand and recognise the impact of online abuse

Activity 10 (9-11): Cyberbullying

Reflect on how to keep safe online abuse


Growth and Fixed Mindset

Activity 11 (7-11): Growth and Fixed Mindset

Reflect the difference between a growth and fixed mindset

Activity 12 (7-11): Super strengths

Identify strategies for cultivating a growth mindset

Activity 13 (7-11): Goal setting

Recognise small and big goals and Identify goal setting techniques

Activity 14 (7-11): Let’s celebrate!

Recognise achievements and the impact that this has on our mental health

Activity 15 (7-11): Tree of growth

Identify achievements that children are most proud of and why

Activity 16 (7-11): Gratitude

Recognise the benefits of demonstrating gratitude

Activity 17 (8-11): Implementing Change

Identify ways of creating positive change and champion mental health


Understanding Ourselves

Activity 18 (8-11): Needs and Wants

Recognise the difference between needs and wants

Activity 19 (8-11): What makes you happy?

Understand that not everything that makes them happy costs money

Activity 20 (7-11) : What makes a good friend?

Recognising the positive impact of friendship on mental health

Activity 21 (7-11) : Making friends

Making friends in a new environment

Activity 22 (8-11): Managing Decisions

Think about the decisions that children make and the impact it has on others


Managing life at home

Activity 23 (8-11): Samita and her mum (I)

Recognising the impact of homelife on emotional health

Activity 24 (8-11): Samita and her mum (II)

Analysing and evaluating strategies for managing difference

Activity 25 (8-11): Young carers (I)

Understanding role of a young carer and the potential impact on emotional health

Activity 26 (8-11): Young carers (II)

Identify the role of a young carer and associated feelings



Coping with loss and exclusion

Activity 27 (8-11): Left out and Forgotten

Identify feelings associated with feeling left out

Activity 28 (7-11): Feeling left out

Recognise the negative impact of exclusion due to individual difference

Activity 29 (7-11): Luciana and her grandma

Understand feelings associated with bereavement

Activity 30 (7-11): My special person

Identifying what makes someone special and why when coping with loss



Activity 31 (7-11): Resilience toolbox

Identifying strategies to help children build resilience

Activity 32 (8-11): Madam C J Walker

Learn about Madam C J Walker with a focus on resilience

Activity 33 (8-11): Ali Jawad

Learn about Ali Jawad with a focus on resilience and leading a healthy lifestyle


Anxiety and Depression

Activity 34 (9-11): What is depression?

Recognise signs and symptoms of depression

Activity 35 (8-11): Worrying

Identify the things that make children worry

Activity 36 (7-11): Jasmine’s fear of failure (I)

Identify what causes fear of failure

Activity 37 (7-11): Jasmine’s fear of failure (II)

Recognise how to overcome fear of failure

Activity 38 (9-11): Exam pressure

Recognise how to manage exam stress

Activity 39 (9-11): A new environment

Recognise big feelings associated with moving to a new school



Race, Religion and Culture

Activity 40 (8-11): Life of a refugee (I)

Understand the definition of a refugee or migrant

Activity 41 (8-11): Life of a refugee (II)

Identify and understand the lives of celebrity refugees

Activity 42 (9-11): Psychological impact of Islamophobia (I)

Understanding the definition of Islamophobia and prejudice

Activity 43 (9-11): Psychological impact of Islamophobia (II)

Recognising the impact of prejudice on others

Activity 44 (8-11): What is Black Lives Matter?

Developing an understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement

Activity 45 (8-11): Hope Powell – Being First

Learn about the life of England’s first Black National Football coach

Activity 46 (8-11): Lewis Latimer – Inventor and Pioneer

Learn about the life of black inventor and engineer Lewis Latimer with a focus on character strengths



Activity 47 (8-11): My identity

Recognise the definition of identity and relationships

Activity 48 (9-11): My mums are gay

Recognise the impact of homophobia on emotional health



Activity 49 (8-11): Disability Discrimination

Challenging stereotypes using roles models

Activity 50 (8-11): Imagine my world

Deaf awareness and challenging unfair treatment

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Manisha Tailor, MBE is an experienced primary school practitioner and former Deputy Headteacher. She is company director of Swaggarlicious Ltd where she provides mental health and diversity education and works full time at a professional football club overseeing coaching. She also works for Show Racism the Red Card and The FA delivering Equality Education.



"This text will be a great resource for teachers in highlighting the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing. It also offers guidance on case scenarios that can help prevent events happening and ways in dealing with them at a practical level. 

A greater in-depth questioning and self-reflection identifies the impact this has on children’s learning and development with a positive outcome."

Mr Umesh Raja, Headteacher (The Swaminarayan Preparatory School).

"Manisha has worked for Show Racism the Red Card now since 2014 and is one of our most skilled and knowledgeable educators of young people. She has delivered equalities training in a wide range of settings, including schools within Inner London and those in less diverse areas of the UK. Manisha has also successfully delivered workshops for SRtRC overseas and is a greatly respected member of our Team. More recently Manisha has led the development of workshops and resources which help young people improve their emotional wellbeing. Some of the exercises from those workshops are included in this publication and I am positive they will be of great use to all teachers working with young people of all ages."

Steve Goodsell, Southern Regional Manager (Show Racism the Red Card).

"Manisha Tailor MBE has been an active changemaker within the sport and physical activity sector striving continually for diversity and equality for sport and mental health with a plethora of very impactful projects. Being the Vice-Chair for Coaching in Sporting Equals' British Asians in Sport and Physical Activity (BASPA) Advisory Board, we know she has the experience, sensitivity and knowledge to share best practice for mental health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. We are sure that those who access this guide will gain so much value and insight - leading to an increase in empathy and awareness."

Arun Kang OBE, CEO (Sporting Equals).