1st Edition

7 Steps to Sharing Your School’s Story on Social Media

By Jason Kotch, Edward Cosentino Copyright 2018
    126 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    126 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    7 Steps to Sharing Your School’s Story on Social Media empowers school leaders to use social media through a simple and accessible plan that increases engagement and enhances the school’s vision and mission. In a step-by-step guide for easy implementation, this book provides the nuts and bolts, as well as the strategic planning necessary, to ensure intentionality and impact of your social media presence. The authors explain how to measure impact and improve your strategies to ensure important information about your school is conveyed accurately, clearly, and effectively. Whether you use the 7 steps in order or you’re just looking for some invigorating new ideas or you want to find new ways to connect, collaborate, and share, there is something for every school leader in this book.



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    Step 1 - Connecting your Vision & Mission to a Social Media Purpose

      • Strategic Planning
      • Start with Why
      • Vision and Mission
      • Connecting to Your Social Media Purpose
      • The Purpose of each Platform
      • Listening to Your Parents

    Step 2 - Hashtag It

      • Establishing Your Vision and Mission
      • Your One and Only Hashtag
      • Make Your Hashtag Yours
      • Innovative Programs to Hashtag
      • Genius Hour
      • Social Media Contests
      • Be Collaborative

    Step 3 - Traditional Methods that Build a Social Media Following

      • Formative Assessment
      • Communication Methods
      • Face-to-Face
      • School Spirit
      • Relationships
      • Parent/Guardian Training
      • Earning Twitter Wings
      • Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

    Step 4 - Making It Happen

      • Know the Policies
      • Setting Up Your Accounts and Pages
      • Let’s Get Posting
      • Linking Across Platforms
      • Your Devices are Your Friends

    Step 5 - Will Anyone Follow Me?

      • Types of Posts
      • Getting Seen and Noticed
      • Overcoming Privacy Settings
      • Moderating Comments & Monitoring Followers
      • Breaking News and Sneak Previews

    Step 6 - Is it Working?

      • By the Numbers
      • Who’s Following Me?
      • Tweaking Tweets

    Step 7 - What’s Next?

      • Tools of the Trade
      • Enhancing Photos and Video
      • Increasing Interaction and Engagement
      • Tips and Tricks

    Concluding Thoughts



    Jason Kotch is the principal of Garnet Valley Elementary School in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA.

    Edward Cosentino is the principal of Clemens Crossing Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland, USA.

    "There is a vast need for this book and many others like it. Technology and Social Media are major influencers in the education of our children. Proper and wise use of social media can help leaders and teachers make a better connection with students."
    —Ryan Berens, Ed.D, Assistant Head of Middle School, Trinity Christian Academy (TX)