1st Edition

99 Activities to Nurture Successful and Resilient Children A Comprehensive Programme to Develop Fundamental Life Skills

By Susana Goncalves Viana Copyright 2018
    148 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    148 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    99 Activities to Nurture Successful and Resilient Children is a comprehensive and interactive programme filled with practical activities, aimed at schools and education professionals in order to support children in developing their happiness and resilience. Covering twenty eight skill areas, this book encompasses seven key themes for development:

    • Self-awareness
    • Relationships
    • Confidence
    • Seeking solutions
    • Growth mindset
    • Caring
    • Optimism

    The author has created ninety-nine fun, creative and engaging classroom activities, which clearly and expertly guide the professional in supporting a child's happiness and emotional resilience. Children as young as seven can access the programme and get involved with each activity. This vital resource focuses on all the core areas that contribute to the growth of a child's most important positive qualities, providing a much-needed burst of enthusiasm and expertise to the field. 99 Activities to Nurture Successful and Resilient Children will empower children and help them build a fundamental skill-set that will help them to successfully navigate life and to grow as confident, aware, resourceful, independent, and motivated individuals.

    Section 1: Introduction What is this book all about?  Looking more closely at these different areas  What’s different about this book?  Why do we need a book like this now?  Myths  Section 2: Top Tips for Teachers How does this book work?  Managing difficult feelings  Working with parents  Section 3: Self-Awareness Topic 1. Identity  Topic 2. Belonging  Topic 3. Self-image  Topic 4. Emotions  Section 4: Relationships Topic 1. Communication  Topic 2. Friendship  Topic 3. Respect  Topic 4. Trust  Section 5: Confidence Topic 1. Self-Worth  Topic 2. Independence  Topic 3. Assertiveness  Topic 4. Motivation  Section 6: Seeking Solutions Topic 1. Self-Regulation  Topic 2. Self-Belief  Topic 3. Helpful Thinking  Topic 4. Adaptability and Accepting Change  Topic 5. Strengths  Section 7: Growth Mindset Topic 1. Learning  Topic 2. Effort  Topic 3. Persistence  Section 8: Caring Topic 1. Being Present  Topic 2. Kindness  Topic 3. Empathy  Topic 4. Nurturing Yourself  Section 9: Optimism Topic 1. Positive Thinking  Topic 2. Hope  Topic 3. Gratitude  Topic 4. Humour


    Susana Goncalves Viana is a qualified Educational Psychologist and a school and family coach. She is founder and CEO of SerutuFutures Ltd. Prior to that she worked for Achieving for Children as a Specialist Educational Psychologist for five years and the London Borough of Richmond as an Educational Psychologist for six years. She has also worked as a primary school teacher in both the UK and Portugal.