1st Edition

A Criminologist’s Life Essays in Honor of the Criminological Legacy of Francis T. Cullen

Edited By Cheryl Lero Jonson, Travis C. Pratt Copyright 2023

    A Criminologist’s Life: Essays in Honor of the Criminological Legacy of Francis T. Cullen honors the vast scholarly contributions of Francis T. "Frank" Cullen as well as the immeasurable influence that he has had on the field for over 40 years.

    With over 500 publications to his name and more than 67,000 citations to his work, Frank Cullen has left an indelible mark on the fields of criminology and criminal justice. Although best known for his work on rehabilitation and criminological theory, Frank also has profusely published in and shaped the areas of white-collar crime, the use of meta-analytic techniques to organize knowledge, the sexual victimization of college women, and public opinion on crime and punishment. However, Frank’s legacy on the field is not limited to his scholarly contributions: He has served as a mentor to countless students, colleagues, and others in the field, helping support and guide the next generation of scholars. Thus, the current volume is organized to recognize both his scholarly work and mentoring, as well as to provide an opportunity for Frank to reflect on his career "in his own words."

    The result is a collection of essays from Frank’s former students, colleagues, and friends written to pay homage to the more than 40 years of work he has done to advance criminological knowledge and shape the field.

    List of Contributors


    Part I: Setting the Stage

    1. Becoming a Criminologist

    Travis C. Pratt and Cheryl Lero Jonson

    Part II: Impact on the Field: A Criminological Giant

    2. Reaffirming Rehabilitation and Beyond

    Jennifer L. Hartman

    3. Social Support Theory: Doing Something for Our Citizens

    Liqun Cao and Velmer S. Burton, Jr.

    4. White-Collar Crime: Challenging Conventional Wisdom

    Michael L. Benson and William A. Stadler

    5. College Women’s Sexual Victimization

    Bonnie S. Fisher and Leah E. Daigle

    6. Meta-Analysis and the Organization of Knowledge

    Travis C. Pratt and Jillian J. Turanovic

    7. Public Opinion: The Myth of the Punitive Public and Other Lessons

    Brandon K. Applegate

    8. Criminological Theory

    Pamela Wilcox and Robert Agnew

    Part III: Mentorship and Leadership: The Human Side of Criminology

    9. Mentorship in Graduate School

    Teresa C. Kulig and Murat Haner

    10. Mentorship as a Junior Faculty Member and Beyond

    Cheryl Lero Jonson and Melissa M. Moon

    Part IV: In His Own Words

    11. My Five Final Lessons

    Francis T. Cullen


    Cheryl Lero Jonson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her research interests include the effectiveness and psychological impacts of civilian active assailant protocols, the effect of prison sentences on recidivism, public opinion about gun con- trol, the public’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and crime in the U.S. National Park System. Her work has appeared in Criminology, Criminology & Public Policy, Justice Quarterly, Crime & Justice: A Review of Research, and Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.

    Travis C. Pratt is a Research Associate with the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute and the Research Director with the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. His work focuses on the sources of criminal behavior and victimization, as well as correctional policy. He is the author of Addicted to Incarceration: Corrections Policy and the Politics of Misinformation in the United States, Thinking About Victimization: Context and Consequences, and over 100 peer-reviewed articles that have appeared in Criminology, Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, and Justice Quarterly.