1st Edition

A Faculty Guidebook for Effective Shared Governance and Service in Higher Education

    214 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    214 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A Faculty Guidebook for Effective Shared Governance and Service in Higher Education bridges the gap between training and work experience, offering a blueprint for academic workers' effective participation in service and governance in higher education. Unpacking skills of problem solving, critical analysis, politicking, negotiation, coalition building, and emotional labor, this book provides flexible, adaptable strategies that are relevant across institutional settings and that draw from research, experience, and multiple perspectives.

    The principles in the book will guide faculty in developing policies and implementing practices to better serve students, colleagues, communities, and the larger mission of postsecondary education. With an emphasis on shared governance and committee service that advances equity, inclusion, access, and justice, this book pushes back on the view that service is not worth our time and offers specific recommendations for doing governance work effectively. Chapters provide strategies for policy development, implementation, and assessment, as well as tools for navigating common roadblocks to accomplishing sustainable and progressive faculty leadership. This accessible book demystifies a critical part of the academic workload, and is designed for instructors, faculty, and academic advisors at any stage of their career who want to advocate for and create better conditions in higher education.



    -Dr. Marjorie Hass


    Chapter 1: Introduction: You Have a Job in Higher Education, Now What?

    Chapter 2: Shared Governance: An Overview

    Chapter 3: Doing Governance Work

    Chapter 4: Developing Effective, Equitable, and Transparent Policies

    Chapter 5: Engaging in Shared Governance Work to Support Educational Opportunities

    Chapter 6: Strategies for Implementing and Assessing Change

    Chapter 7: Conflicts in Shared Governance and Policy Development

    Chapter 8: Conclusion: Collective Action, Individual Effort

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    Appendix A: Higher Education and State-Specific Resources

    Appendix B: 5 Steps to Plain Language

    Appendix C: Example of Guiding Principles for Shared Governance

    Appendix D: Sample documents for streamlining shared governance



    Kirsti Cole is Professor of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literature at Minnesota State University.

    Joanne Baird Giordano is Associate Professor of English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies at Salt Lake Community College.

    Holly Hassel is Professor of English at North Dakota State University.