1st Edition

A Guide to the Soviet Curriculum What the Russian Child is Taught in School

By James Muckle Copyright 1988
    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    A Guide to the Soviet Curriculum (1988) surveys the syllabuses for schoolchildren in the Soviet education system following the reforms of 1984. Every subject in the common timetable is covered, and teaching methods, hopes for the future and continuing controversies are discussed. All this is set in the broader context of curriculum philosophy and of the social and moral purposes of Soviet education; the implicit or ‘hidden’ curriculum is also considered.

    1. The Soviet School and the Russian Tradition  2. The Context of Education: What and Why  3. Vospitanie: Moral, Family and Civic Education In and Out of Class  4. Labour Education, the School and the World of Work  5. Mathematical Education and Information Science  6. The Mother Tongue: Russian as Native Language  7. Science Education  8. Arts Education  9. History and Social Studies  10. Geography  11. The Foreign Language  12. Physical Education and Elementary Military Training  13. Variations on the Main Theme  14. The Ethos of the School and the ‘Hidden’ Curriculum  15. The Directions of Change in the Soviet Curriculum Today


    James Muckle