3rd Edition

A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School

Edited By Norbert Pachler, Ana Redondo Copyright 2024
    218 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    218 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How can you effectively motivate young people to engage with foreign language learning?

    How can young people engage with new ideas and cultural experiences within and outside the classroom?

    The new and fully revised edition of A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School offers straightforward advice and inspiration for training teachers, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and teachers in their early professional development. Offering a wide range of strategies for successful teaching in the languages classroom, this third edition includes separate chapters on the core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening and new chapters on pronunciation and the science of learning.

    The chapters provide detailed examples of theory in practice, based on the most up-to-date research and practice, as well as links to relevant sources supporting evidence-informed practice and cover:

    • Strategies for planning engaging lessons
    • Integrating formative and summative assessment
    • Digital tools and services for teaching and learning
    • Helping pupils develop better listening skills
    • Effective speaking activities
    • The role of scaffolds and models in developing writing skills
    • Teaching grammar
    • The intercultural dimension of language teaching
    • The role of multilingualism in foreign language education
    • Engaging with critical pedagogy

    A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School is an essential compendium of support and ideas for all those embarking upon their first steps in a successful career in teaching foreign languages.


    1. Foreign language teaching: understanding approaches, making choices
    2. Elspeth Broady

    3. Nurturing motivation for foreign language learning
    4. Laura Molway

    5. Assessment for learning: exploiting positive backwash on foreign language teaching and learning
    6. Claudia Mewald

    7. Research-based practice: findings from cognitive science and second language acquisition research
    8. Steve Smith

    9. Digital tools in foreign language teaching and learning; educational applications
    10. Thomas Strasser


    11. Developing listening skills in a foreign language
    12. Gary Chambers

    13. Developing speaking skills in a foreign language
    14. Suzanne Graham

    15. Developing reading and writing skills in a foreign language
    16. Ian Collen

    17. Teaching grammar as and in context in the foreign languages classroom
    18. Judith Rifeser and Crista Hazell


    19. The (inter)cultural dimension in foreign language teaching
    20. Prue Holmes and Lamia Nemouchi

    21. The role of multilingualism in foreign language education
    22. Claudia Mewald

    23. Critical pedagogy: fostering learner engagement, critical thinking and language learning
    24. Peeter Mehisto and Sarah O’Neill

    25. Professional identity: becoming an extended professional
    26. René Koglbauer

    27. Teacher inquiry as professional development for foreign language teachers

    Mike Calvert


    Norbert Pachler, IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society; Editor-in-Chief: The Language Learning Journal.

    Ana Redondo, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Bedfordshire.

    This most recent edition of A Practical Guide to Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School is a really welcome volume which will become essential reading for all those who are involved in the vital work of teaching languages to our next generation of children. Written in an accessible way, this new edition is completely up-to-date. Each chapter addresses a key issue, and effectively combines important theoretical perspectives with thoughtful implications for classroom practice. Every language teacher needs to have a copy of this on their bookshelf!

    Trevor Mutton, Associate Professor, University of Oxford


    This is an outstanding and comprehensive survey of practical ideas for the teaching of foreign languages in secondary school.

    In the 15 years since its first edition it has been a ‘must-have’ for anyone starting their teaching career, each chapter written by highly respected practitioners who engage readers through a series of questions, exemplify a range of practical ideas which work in various settings, and give just the right amount of reference to research into the various theories which underpin different approaches.

    This latest edition brings existing chapters up-to-date and adds some new elements, for example taking account of new DfE requirements, drawing on recent research into the cognitive sciences and motivation, and giving an opportunity to reflect on what we have learnt through the challenges of delivering teaching remotely or in a hybrid format.

    I thoroughly recommend this guide to both training and well- established teachers who for whatever reason may not have come across it!

    Helen Myers, Association for Language Learning Invited Trustee