1st Edition

A Primer on Quality in the Analytical Laboratory

By John Kenkel Copyright 2000
    96 Pages
    by CRC Press

    96 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Today's industrial laboratory analyst encounters issues such as quality control, quality assurance ISO 9000, standard operating procedures, calibration, standard reference materials, statistical control, control charts, proficiency testing, validation, system suitability, chain of custody, good laboratory practices, protocol, and audits. In a well-written and readable style, A Primer on Quality in the Analytical Laboratory provides an introduction to quality, standards, and regulations in the analytical laboratory and serves as a valuable resource to a myriad of laboratory practices.


    Introduction to Quality
    Quality Standards and Regulations
    Principles and Terminology of Quality Assurance
    Elementary Statistics
    Distribution of Measurements
    Students "t"
    Rejection of Data
    Final Comments on Statistics
    The Practice of Quality Assurance
    Standard Operating Procedures
    Calibration and Standardization
    Reference Materials
    Statistical Control and Control Charts
    Method Selection and Development
    Proficiency Testing
    The Sample
    Definitions and Examples
    Statistics of Sampling
    Sampling Handling
    Good Laboratory Practices
    General Provisions
    Organizations and Personnel
    Testing Facility Operations
    Tests, Control, and Reference Substances
    Protocols for and Conduct of a Study
    Records and Reports
    Quality Assurance Audit
    EPA/FDA Audit
    Accreditation and Certification


    John Kenkel

    "With this primer, John Kenkel seeks to fill this gap by providing a brief but thorough introduction to the principles of quality assurance and quality control…book includes a wealth of information, with chapters covering statistics, quality assurance, sampling, good laboratory practices, and quality audits. The text is written in a lively style…and uses practical examples to which the reader can easily relate…Newly employed analytical chemists will find this primer to be of immense benefit as they adjust to an industrial laboratory's increased emphasis on quality and to the interactions between their laboratory and federal regulations."
    David Harvey, in Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 77, No. 12

    "...extremely well written, and the author knows his subject well. He is knowledgeable about all the national and international organizations that play a part in quality control in analytical chemistry. His facts are accurate and current. Furthermore, his style is unusually readable, even when he describes rather dry subjects like government regulations. I learned a great deal from my quick reading."-David Lide, bestselling author of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and other titles

    "...Good presentation of TQM, quality standards, and GLP"-Kirk Hunter, Texas State Technical College

    "Yesterday, I received [Kenkel's] 'Primer on Quality in the Analytical Laboratory'...It was so interesting I took it home and read the whole thing...I'm impressed...I'm not often this excited about a document...this is a useful one..."-Bob Hofstader, American Chemical Society

    "...extremely clearly written, one of the best introductions to statistical analysis applied to experimental data that I've seen. I enjoyed reading it and I commend the author on the clarity of his writing...The uniqueness if this [book] is [how the author ties] it to the regulatory requirements of the government and [couples] it with the numerous associations and organizations he mentions in the text."-A. Keith Furr, bestselling author of the CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, now in its fifth edition