1st Edition

AIDS Principles, Practices, and Politics

Edited By Inge B. Corless, Mary Pittman Lindeman Copyright 1988
    270 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    First published in 1989. Providing a voice of reason in the midst of the controversy, this book looks at the principles, practices and politics surrounding AIDS and includes the Surgeon General's report; sections on AIDS awareness, women and AIDS, advice on choosing therapies, looking at patients and studies around public schools and intravenous drug users.

    Introduction, INGE B. CORLESS, MARY PITTMAN-LINDEMAN; Chapter 1 The Surgeon General's Report on AIDS, C. EVERETT KOOP, MICHAEL E. SAMUELS; Chapter 2 Epidemic Control Measures for AIDS: A Psychosocial and Historical Discussion of Policy Alternatives, DAVID G. OSTROW, MICHAEL ELLER, JILL G. JOSEPH; Chapter 3 The Treatment of People with AIDS: Psychosocial Considerations, ZELDA FOSTER; Chapter 4 Development of AIDS Awareness: A Personal History, ANGELA LEWIS; Chapter 5 Literature and AIDS: The Varieties of Love, LAUREL BRODSLEY; Chapter 6 Women with AIDS: Sexual Ethics in an Epidemic, JULIEN S. MURPHY; Chapter 7 An Ethics of Compassion, A Language of Division: Working out the AIDS Metaphors, JUDITH WILSON ROSS; Chapter 8 AIDS Overview, PAUL A. VOLBERDING; Chapter 9 Treatment Issues in AIDS, ELLEN C. COOPER; Chapter 10 Choosing Therapies, CHUCK FRUTCHEY; Chapter 11 The New Death among IV Drug Users, DON C. DES JARLAIS, CATHY CASRIEL, SAMUEL FRIEDMAN; Chapter 12 The Patient with AIDS: Care and Concerns, SR. PATRICE MURPHY, GRAHAM BASS, CAROLE DONOVAN, BETSY SELMAN; Chapter 13 Children with AIDS, MOSES GROSSMAN; Chapter 14 Public Schools Confront AIDS, ELIZABETH P. LAMERS; Chapter 15 Individual Education Programs for AIDS Control, DEAN F. ECHENBERG; Chapter 16 The Malignant Metaphor: A Political Thanatology of AIDS, MICHAEL A. SIMPSON; Chapter 17 Impact of the AIDS Epidemic on the Gay Political Agenda, JIM FOSTER; Chapter 18 Creative Acceptance: An Ethics for AIDS, REV. BERNARD BROWN; Chapter 19 AIDS: Seventh Rank Absolute, ROBERT FULTON, GREG OWEN;


    Inge B. Corless Chair, Department of Secondary Care School of Nursing University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mary Pittman-Linderman Director of Planning and Evaluation San Francisco Department of Public Health San Francisco, California