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Death Education, Aging and Health Care

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Caring For Life And Death

Caring For Life And Death

1st Edition

By Nelda Samarel
April 30, 2019

First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

Communication and Assertion Skills for Older Persons

Communication and Assertion Skills for Older Persons

1st Edition

By Leilani Doty
January 01, 1987

First published in 1987. The chapters in the text focus on helping the reader meet these goals and objectives: Build self-confidence; improve social interaction; Listen to oneself and others; Give and receive positive feedback; Express personal feelings, opinions, and experiences; Respect one's own...

Health Care for an Aging Society Cost-Conscious Community Care and Self-Care Approaches

Health Care for an Aging Society: Cost-Conscious Community Care and Self-Care Approaches

1st Edition

By David Haber
April 01, 1989

First published in 1989. In an aging society, however, the challenge broadens to include health care and social support at home and in the community. The major premise of this book is that cost-conscious community care and self-care will become increasingly important as the era of cost containment ...

Risk Factors for Youth Suicide

Risk Factors for Youth Suicide

1st Edition

Edited By Lucy Davidson, Markku Linnoila
November 18, 2016

Papers presented at the National Conference on Risk Factors for Youth Suicide, held at Bethesda in 1986. The authors catalogued, analyzed and synthesized the literature on factors linked to youth suicide....

Children and Death

Children and Death

1st Edition

Edited By Costa Papadatos, Danai Papadatou
May 13, 2016

Selected papers from the 1st International Conference on Children and Death, held in October/November 1989 in Athens. It was attended by over 500 participants from all over the world....

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief Diversity in Universality

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief: Diversity in Universality

1st Edition

Edited By Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist, Vivian J. Nelsen
January 01, 1993

This volume is directed towards professionals who work in the fields concerning death and dying. These professionals must perceive the needs of people with cultural patterns which are different from the standard and dominant patterns in the United States and Canada. Accordingly, the book includes ...

Retirement Counseling A Practical Guide for Action

Retirement Counseling: A Practical Guide for Action

1st Edition

By Jane E. Myers, Harold C. Riker
November 01, 1989

This portrays retirement as an exceptional opportunity for individuals to create new lifestyles for themselves. The authors encourage professionals in various fields to assist pre-retirees as well as retirees in planning for a stimulating retirement future....

AIDS Principles, Practices, and Politics

AIDS: Principles, Practices, and Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Inge B. Corless, Mary Pittman Lindeman
November 01, 1987

First published in 1989. Providing a voice of reason in the midst of the controversy, this book looks at the principles, practices and politics surrounding AIDS and includes the Surgeon General's report; sections on AIDS awareness, women and AIDS, advice on choosing therapies, looking at patients ...

Continuing Bonds New Understandings of Grief

Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief

1st Edition

Edited By Dennis Klass, Phyllis R. Silverman, Steven Nickman
February 01, 1996

First published in 1996. This new book gives voice to an emerging consensus among bereavement scholars that our understanding of the grief process needs to be expanded. The dominant 20th century model holds that the function of grief and mourning is to cut bonds with the deceased, thereby freeing ...

AIDS, Fear and Society Challenging the Dreaded Disease

AIDS, Fear and Society: Challenging the Dreaded Disease

1st Edition

By Kenneth J. Doka
May 01, 1997

Historically, AIDS is just one of a series of dreaded diseases that have aroused both great fear and irrational actions. The previous diseases, including bubonic plague, syphilis, tuberculosis, leprosy and cancer, have evoked such a sense of dread that rational moves to halt the disease have become...

The Hospice Development and Administration

The Hospice: Development and Administration

2nd Edition

Edited By Glen Davidson
January 01, 1985

Explains how to start a hospice, discusses issues concerning their Administration, And Considers Staff Stress, Emotional Support For mourners, ethical problems, and legal concerns....

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