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The Anthropology of Power

The Anthropology of Power

1st Edition

Edited By Angela Cheater
February 18, 1999

An edited collection which examines the theoretical issues surrounding power, and particularly empowerment, which uses ethnographic analysis as its basis. It takes material from the Middle East, Canada, Columbia, Australasia and various parts of Europe and Africa. It looks particularly at the ...

Human Rights in Global Perspective Anthropological Studies of Rights, Claims and Entitlements

Human Rights in Global Perspective: Anthropological Studies of Rights, Claims and Entitlements

1st Edition

Edited By Jon P. Mitchell, Richard A. Wilson
May 15, 2003

In the West we frequently pay lip service to universal notions of human rights. But do we ever consider how these work in local contexts and across diverse cultural and ethical structures? Do human rights agendas address the problems many people face, or are they more often the imposition of ...

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