1st Edition

Academic Strategy Instruction A Special Issue of Exceptionality

Edited By Edwin S. Ellis, Marcia L. Rock Copyright 2003

    This special issue, Part II in a series devoted to the topic of strategic instruction, explores the issue of traversing the research to practice abyss through the implementation of authentic and effective business development. It reminds us that "business as usual" approaches to teacher in-service programs are unlikely to produce meaningful changes in teachers' classroom practices. In addition, this issue offers strategic instructional approaches to facilitate students' learning and focuses on structuring instruction to promote self-regulated learning. Each article raises important questions about existing practices and offers innovative alternatives to improve outcomes for students and teachers.

    Volume 11, Number 1, 2002 Contents: E.S. Ellis, M.L. Rock, A Message from the Special Issue Guest Editors. D.J. Boudah, E. Blair, V.J. Mitchell, Implementing and Sustaining Strategic Instruction: Authentic and Effective Professional Development or "Business as Usual?" L.B. Smolkin, C.A. Donovan, Supporting Comprehension Acquisition for Emerging and Struggling Readers: The Interactive Information Book Read Aloud. D.L. Butler, Structuring Instruction to Promote Self-Regulated Learning by Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilites.


    Edwin S. Ellis, Marcia L. Rock