1st Edition

Active Landscape Photography Theoretical Groundwork for Landscape Architecture

By Anne C Godfrey Copyright 2020
    ISBN 9781138479074
    192 Pages 189 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations
    Published January 31, 2020 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138479067
    192 Pages 189 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations
    Published January 28, 2020 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781351066662
    192 Pages 189 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations
    Published January 15, 2020 by Routledge

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    Photographs play a hugely influential but largely unexamined role in the practice of landscape architecture and design. Through a diverse set of essays and case studies, this seminal text unpacks the complex relationship between landscape architecture and photography. It explores the influence of photographic seeing on the design process by presenting theoretical concepts from photography and cultural theory through the lens of landscape architecture practice to create a rigorous, open discussion. 

    Beautifully illustrated in full color throughout, with over 200 images, subjects covered include the diversity of everyday photographic practices for design decision making, the perception of landscape architecture through photography, transcending the objective and subjective with photography, and deploying multiplicity in photographic representation as a means to better represent the complexity of the discipline. Rather than solving problems and providing tidy solutions to the ubiquitous relationship between photography and landscape architecture, this book aims to invigorate a wider dialogue about photography's influence on how landscapes are understood, valued and designed. Active photographic practices are presented throughout for professionals, academics, students and researchers.

    Preface: How this collection of essays works. Part One: Ground work: How photography works in landscape architecture. 1. Always Photographs : a Place of Beginning for Landscape Architecture. 2. Landscape Architecture and Photography: A ubiquitous relationship. 3. Making and Using: Diverse photographic practices in landscape architecture. 4. Making Photographs : Making Landscapes. 5. Meaning is a Relationship: Gathering and investigating photographs for landscape knowledge. 6. Do We See What We See? More than icons for landscape photography. 7. Active Landscape Photography: Some critical concepts and methods. Part Two: Case studies. The Jacobs + Alta Team : LA River Path. Alta Planning +Design : Setting POB. Alta Planning + Design : CV Link. Coen + Partners: Heart of the City. Coen + Partners : Peavey Plaza. Claude Cormier + Associés : Berczy Park. Mayer/Reed : 30/40. Mayer/Reed : Waterfalls. Mayer/Reed : Willamette Falls Inventory. MIG : Yosemite Lodge Treatment Plan. MIG: Lithia Park. Nelson Byrd Woltz : Passports. Nelson Byrd Woltz: Orongo Station. Nelson Byrd Woltz : Duke Pond. SCAPE: Stapleton Waterfront Park. SCAPE/Public Sediment Team. SCAPE: Town Branch Commons. Snøhetta: Willamette Falls Riverwalk. Snøhetta: Times Square Reconstruction. West 8: Longwood Gardens Master Plan. West 8: Simco Wavedeck. West 8: Irma Logs. Part Three: Expanding possibilities. 8. More than Both Ways with Photography: beyond the objective and subjective for landscape architecture. 9. Many uses, Many Contexts, Many Meanings: Fluid photographic practices in landscape architecture. 10. Combining Photographs: Complex processes, complex landscapes. 11. Near, not-of: complex landscape narratives, complex photography. Acknowledgements. Bibliography. Interviews. Index


    Anne C. Godfrey’s research examines the relationship between photography and landscape architecture. As a photographer and writer, she engages in multidisciplinary critical inquiries into landscape, representation and experience. She is an award-winning professor of landscape architecture in both teaching and research, supporting students’ successes in international fellowships and design competitions. Godfrey is an assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

    ‘In the first volume in the series Active Landscape Photography Anne Godfrey expands the discourse on landscape visualization and representation by championing photography as a critical tool of inquiry and analysis in the environmental design process. She narrows the gap between theory and practice through tangible methodologies and inspiring case studies of how designers engage with the photographic medium.’ - Chip Sullivan, ASLA, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley, USA

    ‘A concise introduction to critical ideas in photography relating to what we see and how we make sense of images that will be of particular value to those interested in landscape architecture’. - Liz Wells, Professor in Photographic Culture, University of Plymouth, UK

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