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Active Landscape Photography

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Active Landscape Photography Diverse Practices

Active Landscape Photography: Diverse Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Anne C Godfrey
April 28, 2023

Diverse Practices, the third book in the Active Landscape Photography series, presents a set of unique photographic examples for site-specific investigations of landscape places. Contributed by authors across academia, practice and photography, each chapter serves as a rigorous discussion about ...

Active Landscape Photography Methods for Investigation

Active Landscape Photography: Methods for Investigation

1st Edition

By Anne C Godfrey
September 28, 2022

How can photography be transformed into an active process of investigation for landscape architecture and environmental design? The second book in Godfrey’s series, Active Landscape Photography, presents engaged photographic methods that turn photography into a rigorous, thoughtful endeavor for the...

Active Landscape Photography Theoretical Groundwork for Landscape Architecture

Active Landscape Photography: Theoretical Groundwork for Landscape Architecture

1st Edition

By Anne C Godfrey
January 31, 2020

Photographs play a hugely influential but largely unexamined role in the practice of landscape architecture and design. Through a diverse set of essays and case studies, this seminal text unpacks the complex relationship between landscape architecture and photography. It explores the influence of ...

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