1st Edition

Addressing Pupil's Behaviour Responses at District, School and Individual Levels

    416 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    The challenges posed by the behavior of some pupils can only be properly addressed if support is extended beyond the classroom. Linking theory and practice, this book outlines a range of assessment and intervention techniques at:

    * District and community level

    * School level

    * Classroom level

    * Individual level

    Acknowledgements, Preface, Multi-level responses to behavioural issues in schools, Part 1: District and community level, Restorative justice in schools, Culturally responsive school and community partnerships to avoid suspension, Behaviour support in secondary schools: what works for schools?, Part 2: School level, A whole-school approach to behaviour change at Tennyson High School 1998-2003, The education of black children: why do some schools do better than others?, The Hikairo Rationale teaching students with emotional and behavioural difficulties: a bicultural approach, 'One size fits few': a case study of a school that has defied the constraints of a European education system for Plynesian students, Evaluating Teacher Support Teams in secondary schools: supporting teachers for SEN and other needs, Circle time: a much -neglected resource in secondary schools?, Bullying at school: the no-blame approach, learning support units (LSUs): a modern miracle or an old wolf in older sheep's clothing?, Nurture Groups: the research evidence, Part 3: Classroom level, The language of behaviour management, Improving classroom behaviour, Confrontation in the classroom, Part 4: Individual student level, A three-level approach to intervention for individual behaviour, Behaviour in context: functional assessment of disruptive behaviour in classrooms, An introduction to multi-element planning for primary aged children, What is the reality of 'inclusion' for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in the primary classroom?, what is to be done about bullying?, Might is right? A discussion of the ethics and practicalities of control and restraint in education,Index


    Robin C. Richmond, Janice Wearmouth, Ted Glynn, Mere Berryman