1st Edition

Adjustment of Adolescents Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences

By W. A. Scott, William Scott Copyright 1998

    This book will make fascinating reading for anyone involved in the study of adolescence, or working with adolescents. The authors explore the transitions of school, family and personality in the contexts of family, friends and wider social factors. This exploration is based on original research carried out in Canberra, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Berlin, Hong Kong, Osaka and Taipei. The authors also provide valuable insights into the methodologies of cross-cultural study.
    The perspectives of this book make it an ideal resource for undergraduates and masters students undertaking a cross-cultural study, which is becoming a mandatory part of many degree courses.

    1. Background and Overview 2. The Study 3. Measures of Adjustment and Their Personality and Demographic Correlates 4. Models of Adjustment: Demographic Antecedents and Personality Mediators 5. Measuring Family Relations 6. Models of Adjustment: Family Relations 7. Models of Adjustment: Similarity to Peers 8. Models of Adjustment: Cultural Impact 9. Summaries and Conclusions


    Ruth Scott is a Visiting Fellow and the late W.A. Scott was formerly Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Their previous publications include Adaptation of Immigrants: Individual Differences and Determinations (1989).

    'An interesting cross-cultural study.' - Zvi Laron, in Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism vol. 13 2000

    'The apparent content of this book is exciting and the authors do raise many interesting methodological issues... readers will find inspiration from this text to enable them to develop the methodology and to avoid some of the difficulties documented here by Ruth and the late W.A. Scott.' - Helen Barrett, Birkbeck College, University of London in BPS Newsletter 2000