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International Series in Social Psychology

About the Series

This series provides a showcase of original contributions of the highest quality as well as thorough reviews of existing theories suitable for advanced students and researchers.

Many will be useful as course texts for higher level study; applied topics are well represented and social psychology is defined broadly to include other psychological areas like social development, or the social psychology of abnormal behaviour.

A reflection of contemporary social psychology, the series is a rich source of information for dissertations, new research projects and seminars.

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Emotion and Social Judgements

Emotion and Social Judgements

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph P. Forgas
October 05, 1998

The role of emotions in interpersonal judgements about health and illness and in social decisions receive particular attention in this book. The book is organised in three sections: conceptual approaches to the connection between emotion, mood and judgements; extension of the basic theory behind ...

Personal Relationships Across the Lifespan

Personal Relationships Across the Lifespan

1st Edition

By Patricia Noller, Judith Feeney, Candida Peterson
July 18, 2001

Personal Relationships Across the Lifespan presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the role of personal relationships in people's lives.Highlighting areas of special significance and research interest at each major life-stage, Patricia Noller, Judith A. Feeney and Candida Peterson, ...

Rival Truths Common Sense and Social Psychological Explanations in Health and Illness

Rival Truths: Common Sense and Social Psychological Explanations in Health and Illness

1st Edition

By Lindsay St Claire
March 03, 2016

It is common sense that our survival as individuals depends on the survival of our physical bodies. However, common sense has been medicalised. Terms such as 'road rage' and 'premenstrual syndrome' sound like medical problems and suggest that it is affected individuals, rather than experiences or ...

Stereotypes During the Decline and Fall of Communism

Stereotypes During the Decline and Fall of Communism

1st Edition

By Gyorgy Hunyady
December 07, 2015

Unique among the satellites of the Soviet Union, Hungary has data from a series of fourteen substantial surveys from the mid-1960s through to 1994. How do Hungarians think about themselves, their history, their society and other countries and their peoples? Hunyady provides an excellent summary of ...

Social Dilemmas Theoretical Issues and Research Findings

Social Dilemmas: Theoretical Issues and Research Findings

1st Edition

Edited By Wim Liebrand, David Messick, Henk Wilke
June 29, 2015

This book describes the advances and insights made by social scientists from around the world into the understanding and resolution of social dilemmas. Each chapter discusses its own research findings against the background of a more comprehensive view of social dilemnas....

The Theory of Reasoned Action Its application to AIDS-Preventive Behaviour

The Theory of Reasoned Action: Its application to AIDS-Preventive Behaviour

1st Edition

Edited By Cynthia Gallois, Malcolm McCamish, Deborah J Terry
November 10, 2014

The Theory of reasoned action explores the theory and emphirical reserach in to the factors which influence whether people engage in high-risk practices , with specific reference to AIDS education....

Making Sense of Television The Psychology of Audience Interpretation

Making Sense of Television: The Psychology of Audience Interpretation

2nd Edition

By Sonia Livingstone
April 21, 1998

Taking the soap opera as a case study, this book explores the 'parasocial interaction' people engage in with television programmes. It looks at the nature of the 'active viewer' and the role of the text in social psychology. It also investigates the existing theoretical models offered by social ...

Understanding the Older Consumer The Grey Market

Understanding the Older Consumer: The Grey Market

1st Edition

By Barrie Gunter
October 01, 1998

In Understanding the Older Consumer, Barrie Gunter provides a detailed examination of the demographic, behavioural and psychological profiles of the older consumer. He shows that without the responsibilities of loans and child raising and with better financial provision than in previous years, the ...

Children as Consumers A Psychological Analysis of the Young People's Market

Children as Consumers: A Psychological Analysis of the Young People's Market

1st Edition

By Adrian Furnham, Barrie Gunter
May 06, 1998

The children's and teenagers' market has become increasingly significant as young people have become more affluent and have an ever growing disposable income. Children as Consumers traces the stages of consumer development through which children pass and examines the key sources of influence upon ...

Language in Action Psychological Models of Conversation

Language in Action: Psychological Models of Conversation

1st Edition

By William Turnbull
April 11, 2003

Face-to-face conversation between two or more people is a universal form, and perhaps the basic form, of social interaction. It is the primary site of social interaction in all cultures and the place where social and cultural meaning takes shape. Face-to-face conversation between children and ...

Adjustment of Adolescents Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences

Adjustment of Adolescents: Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences

1st Edition

By W. A. Scott, William Scott
September 26, 2002

This book will make fascinating reading for anyone involved in the study of adolescence, or working with adolescents. The authors explore the transitions of school, family and personality in the contexts of family, friends and wider social factors. This exploration is based on original research ...

The Economic Psychology of Everyday Life

The Economic Psychology of Everyday Life

1st Edition

By Paul Webley, Carole Burgoyne, Stephen Lea, Brian Young
July 11, 2001

From childhood through to adulthood, retirement and finally death, The Economic Psychology of Everyday Life uniquely explores the economic problems all individuals have to solve across the course of their lives.Webley, Burgoyne, Lea and Young begin by introducing the concept of economic behaviour ...

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