1st Edition

Children as Consumers A Psychological Analysis of the Young People's Market

By Adrian Furnham, Barrie Gunter Copyright 1998

    The children's and teenagers' market has become increasingly significant as young people have become more affluent and have an ever growing disposable income. Children as Consumers traces the stages of consumer development through which children pass and examines the key sources of influence upon young people's consumer socialisation. It examines:
    * the kinds of things young people consume
    * how they use their money
    * how they respond to different types of advertising
    * whether they need to be protected through special legislation and regulation
    * market research techniques that work well with young people.
    Children as Consumers will be useful to students of psychology, sociology, business and media studies, as well as professionals in advertising and marketing.

    Preface 1. The Importance of the Children's Market 2. Socialization of Child Consumers 3. What Do Children Consume? 4. Children's Use and Understanding of Money 5. Advertising and Children: Attention, Awareness and Understanding 6. Advertising and Children: Influences and Effects 7. Reaching Child Consumers 8. Protecting Child Consumers [References / Author Index / Subject Index]


    Furnham, Adrian; Gunter, Barrie