1st Edition

Emotion and Social Judgements

Edited By Joseph P. Forgas Copyright 1991
    310 Pages
    by Garland Science

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    The role of emotions in interpersonal judgements about health and illness and in social decisions receive particular attention in this book.
    The book is organised in three sections: conceptual approaches to the connection between emotion, mood and judgements; extension of the basic theory behind how feelings affect social judgements; and theoretical models and their application in research.

    List of Contributors -- PART 1. BASIC CONCEPTUAL ORIENTATIONS -- 1. Affect and Social Judgments: An Introductory Review /Joseph P. Forgas -- 2. Mood Congruity of Social Judgments /Gordon H. Bower -- 3. Happy and Mindless, But Sad and Smart? The Impact of Affective States on Analytic Reasoning /Norbert Schwarz and Herbert Bless -- 4. The Joint Effects of Cognition and Affect on Social Judgment /Martin F. Kaplan -- 5. On the Task, the Measures and the Mood in Research on Affect and Social Cognition /Klaus Fiedler -- PART 2. INTEGRATIONS AND EXTENSIONS -- 6. Moods and Their Vicissitudes: Thoughts and Feelings as Information /Gerald L. Clore and Gerrod Parrott -- 7. The Perception and Processing of Affective Information and its Influences on Social Judgment /Paula M. Niedenthal and Carolin Showers -- 8. Motivation and Complexity Levels as Determinants of Heuristic Use in Social Judgment /Nyla R. Branscombe and Brian M. Cohen -- 9. A Critique of Cognitive Approaches to Social Judgments and Social Behavior /Michael Argyle -- PART 3. THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS -- 10. Multiple Roles for Affect in Persuasion /Richard E. Petty, Faith Gleicher, and Sara M. Baker -- 11. Feeling Good, But Not Thinking Straight: The Impact of Positive Mood on Persuasion /Diane M. Mackie and Leila T. Worth -- 12. Positive Mood, Processing Goals and the Effects of Information on Evaluative Judgment /J. M. Innes and C. R. Ahrens -- 13. Influence of Mood on Judgments About Health and Illness /Peter Salovey, Ann O’Leary, Martha S. Stretton, Stephanie A. Fishkin and Chloe A. Drake -- 14. Affect and Person Perception /Joseph P. Forgas -- Name Index Subject Index.


    University of New South Wales, Australia.