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Adolescence and Society

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In the 20 years since it began, this series has published some of the key texts in the field of adolescent studies. The series has covered a very wide range of subjects, almost all of them being of central concern to students, researchers and practitioners. A mark of its success is that a number of books have gone to second and third editions, illustrating its popularity and reputation.

The primary aim of the series is to make accessible to the widest possible readership important and topical evidence relating to adolescent development. Much of this material is published in relatively inaccessible professional journals, and the objective of the books has been to summarise, review and place in context current work in the field, so as to interest and engage both an undergraduate and a professional audience.

The intention of the authors is to raise the profile of adolescent studies among professionals and in institutions of higher education. By publishing relatively short, readable books on topics of current interest to do with youth and society, the series makes people more aware of the relevance of the subject of adolescence to a wide range of social concerns.

The books do not put forward any one theoretical viewpoint. The authors outline the most prominent theories in the field and include a balanced and critical assessment of each of these. Whilst some of the books may have a clinical or applied slant, the majority concentrate on normal development.

The readership rests primarily in two major areas: the undergraduate market, particularly in the fields of psychology, sociology and education; and the professional training market, with particular emphasis on social work, clinical and educational psychology, counselling, youth work, nursing and teacher training.

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Wired Youth The Online Social World of Adolescence

Wired Youth: The Online Social World of Adolescence

2nd Edition

By Ilan Talmud, Gustavo Mesch
May 14, 2020

This fully updated new edition offers a research-based analysis of the online social world of adolescence, incorporating additional research findings that have appeared during the last decade. Talmud and Mesch take a realistic, sociological approach to online adolescents’ communication, ...

Youth, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Youth, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

1st Edition

By Anne Mitchell, Susan Moore, Doreen Rosenthal
December 04, 1996

What has been the impact of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases on the lives of young people? Youth, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases provides a comprehensive overview of research and policy in this increasingly important area. The book describes the world-wide incidence and prevalence of...

Youth and Internet Pornography The impact and influence on adolescent development

Youth and Internet Pornography: The impact and influence on adolescent development

1st Edition

By Richard Behun, Eric W. Owens
December 05, 2019

This much-needed book provides an in-depth, nonjudgmental look at how consumption of Internet pornography and sexually explicit Internet material (SEIM) impacts the social, physical, emotional, and sexual development of adolescents. Youth and Internet Pornography explores some of the most ...

Mentoring for Young People in Care and Leaving Care Theory, Policy and Practice

Mentoring for Young People in Care and Leaving Care: Theory, Policy and Practice

1st Edition

By Bernadine Brady, Pat Dolan, Caroline McGregor
September 25, 2019

Mentoring for Young People in Care and Leaving Care offers a rich exploration of the theory, research and practice relating to youth mentoring as a means of essential social support. Brady, Dolan and McGregor ground their work on the premise that the informal social support provided through a ...

Identity in Adolescence 4e The Balance between Self and Other

Identity in Adolescence 4e: The Balance between Self and Other

4th Edition

By Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Jane Kroger
July 16, 2019

This fully revised fourth edition of Identity in Adolescence: The Balance Between Self and Other presents four theoretical perspectives on identity development during adolescence and young adulthood and their practical implications for intervention. Ferrer-Wreder and Kroger consider ...

Youth Civic and Political Engagement

Youth Civic and Political Engagement

1st Edition

By Martyn Barrett, Dimitra Pachi
February 12, 2019

What exactly is civic and political participation? What factors influence young people’s participation? How can we encourage youth to participate actively in their own democracies? Youth Civic and Political Engagement takes a multidisciplinary approach to answering these key questions, ...

Adolescent Mental Health Prevention and Intervention

Adolescent Mental Health: Prevention and Intervention

2nd Edition

By Terje Ogden, Kristine Amlund Hagen
June 22, 2018

Adolescence is a period characterized by both increased susceptibility to risks and new-found strength to withstand them. Whilst most young people are well equipped to manage the changes associated with growing up, other maladjusted and marginalized adolescents already have, or are at ...

Adolescent Coping Promoting Resilience and Well-Being

Adolescent Coping: Promoting Resilience and Well-Being

3rd Edition

By Erica Frydenberg
June 15, 2018

How do young people cope with the multitude of difficult situations and scenarios that are associated with growing up, like anxiety and depression, as well as illness, rejection and family breakdown? How can we facilitate and encourage, through a combination of health, well-being and positive ...

Teenage Pregnancy and Young Parenthood Effective Policy and Practice

Teenage Pregnancy and Young Parenthood: Effective Policy and Practice

1st Edition

By Alison Hadley
December 05, 2017

Teenage Pregnancy and Young Parenthood provides a comprehensive, unparalleled insight into the  UK Government’s highly successful Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (TPS) for England which reduced the under-18 pregnancy rate by well over 50%, and considers how the lessons from this policy can be applied ...

Adolescence and Body Image From Development to Preventing Dissatisfaction

Adolescence and Body Image: From Development to Preventing Dissatisfaction

1st Edition

By Lina A Ricciardelli, Zali Yager
December 08, 2015

Body image is a significant issue for the majority of adolescents. Anxieties relating to body image can be crippling across both genders, their debilitating effects sometimes leading to mental health problems. This important book is the first of its kind to focus specifically on adolescents, ...

Sexuality in Adolescence The digital generation

Sexuality in Adolescence: The digital generation

1st Edition

By Meredith Temple-Smith, Susan Moore, Doreen Rosenthal
August 11, 2015

Sexuality in Adolescence: The Digital Generation provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of research and theory about adolescent sexuality in today’s world. The book examines biological, social and health-related approaches and reviews qualitative and quantitative research from psychology,...

Illegal Leisure

Illegal Leisure

1st Edition

By Judith Aldridge, Fiona Measham, Howard Parker
September 14, 1998

Illegal Leisure offers a unique insight into the role drug use now plays in British youth culture. The authors present the results of a five year longitudinal study into young people and drug taking. They argue that drugs are no longer used as a form of rebellious behaviour, but have been subsumed ...

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