1st Edition

Adopting a UDL Attitude within Academia Understanding and Practicing Inclusion Across Higher Education

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    Adopting a UDL Attitude within Academia bridges the gap between the theory and practice of UDL (Universal Design for Learning). It guides the reader through the origins of the development of UDL as an innovative way of thinking about inclusion and the evolution of this theory into practice, as it explores UDL and its relevance beyond the classroom. 

    Including reader-friendly descriptions and case studies supplemented with international research, this book allows the reader to think and see through a UDL lens, ultimately emphasising their part in the inclusion agenda. From the outset this book shares the attitude necessary to promote UDL and inclusion across higher education and addresses some of the most common questions:

    • Is this a scientific theory or just a new practice, and why is it important?
    • How can I be more inclusive in my current practice?
    • Is it sustainable and how do I ensure I’m implementing it correctly?

    The book will have a broad appeal and is essential reading for anyone looking to understand and implement UDL across their learning environment – be it a university or any education institution.

    Preamble 1. The World before Universal Design (UD) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 2. Universal Design 3. Universal Design FOR Learning 4. The CAST Model of UDL 5. Universal Design in Higher Education: The Experience to Date 6. A Campus where UDL Thinking is Everyone’s Business 7. Redesigning our Approaches: "Giving it a Go From the Get-Go" 8. From Theory to Practice . . .and to YOU! 9. Adopting the Right Attitude on the New Universally Designed Campus


    Mary Quirke is a qualified career guidance counsellor with a passion and knowledge about inclusion in education due to her active engagement with learners, teachers, and employers while also actively engaging with UDL across practice and policy. She is completing a Ph.D based in the School of Education at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

    Conor Mc Guckin is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

    Patricia McCarthy is Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

    "This is a must read for anyone interested in equality, diversity and inclusion in education and wider society. This is a modern classic – pioneering and refreshing"

    Professor Michael Shevlin, Professor in Inclusive Education at School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

    "This book shows how to move beyond our individual efforts to create systemic, at-scale methods for making inclusion "everyone’s business" in higher education: in community colleges, trade schools, technical schools, further education, four-year colleges, and universities. I strongly recommend Adopting a UDL Attitude to campus and program leaders and practitioners everywhere."
    Thomas J. Tobin, PhD, MSLS, PMP, MOT, CPACC, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


    "This important volume raises important questions and highlights a gap in the current literature on Universal Design for Learning […] There is no doubt that this volume, will be of benefit at many levels."

    Fred Fovet, Assistant Professor at the Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada


    "In its support for inclusive practice for all it should be recommended reading for those involved in teaching and learning at all levels in higher education."

    Professor Noirin Hayes, Visiting Professor at the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Professor Emeritus, Technological University Dublin (TUD), Ireland

    "Whilst the title indicates it is a book for academia it’s more so a book to inform practice for all educators in whatever guise level, or place of learning to reference when embedding UDL as core practice across the wider education sector. The authors challenge the reader to pursue a contemporary exploration, application, and adoption of UDL in HE but it becomes very clear that this is also the challenge for the whole of our education system, because “inclusion is everyone business”.

    This book, promotes and encourages reflexive practice, not only of our practice as educators, researchers, strategists, policy implementers but also triggers reflection on our lived experience, our experience of equity, inclusion, diversity.  This book says- Be Brave – Challenge- Bravely Challenge - rewire and reframe our thinking about our learning environments, challenge habits and beliefs, evolve teaching and learning practice."

    Dr Fiona Maloney, Director, National Tertiary Office, Ireland