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The Advanced Text series is designed for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in the biological and biomedical sciences. Titles in this series will also be of interest to researchers new to a field and lecturers teaching outside their area of expertise.

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Molecular Biology of Cancer

Molecular Biology of Cancer

2nd Edition

By Fiona Macdonald, Christopher Ford, Alan Casson
March 25, 2004

Molecular Biology of Cancer has been extensively revised and covers heredity cancer, microarray technology and increased study of childhood cancers.  It continues to provide a detailed overview of the process which lead to the development and proliferation of cancer cells, including the ...

Bioinformatics Genes, Proteins and Computers

Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins and Computers

1st Edition

Edited By Christine Orengo, David Jones, Janet Thornton
November 01, 2002

Bioinformatics, the use of computers to address biological questions, has become an essential tool in biological research. It is one of the critical keys needed to unlock the information encoded in the flood of data generated by genome, protein structure, transcriptome and proteome ...

Molecular Toxicology

Molecular Toxicology

1st Edition

By Nick Plant
September 04, 2003

Molecular Toxicology is a concise introduction to the subject, taking the reader through the theoretical principles of toxicology followed by specific examples. In the first section, the concepts behind possible mechanisms of toxicity are described (e.g. the specific enzyme or receptor system) ...

Molecular Plant Pathology

Molecular Plant Pathology

1st Edition

By Matthew Dickinson
July 24, 2003

Studies of the interactions between plants and their viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens are of major importance in plant and crop production. More than 10% of potential agricultural yield is lost to these organisms annually worldwide, and major epidemics can cause significant local economic and ...

Functional and Molecular Glycobiology

Functional and Molecular Glycobiology

1st Edition

By Dr Susan Brooks, Dr M Dwek, Udo Schumacher
October 01, 2002

Functional and Molecular Glycobiology explains the chemistry of carbohydrates, and the biosynthesis and diversity of different types of glycans. It looks at the functional role of glycoconjugate compounds in normal cellular processes, in both disease and development. The book also describes how ...

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