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Advances in Agri-Genomics

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Agricultural genomics, popularly called as Agri-Genomics, has emerged as the most frontier field in life sciences since the beginning of the 21st century. Whole genome sequencing of the leading crop plant rice in 2002 marked the start of genome sequencing in an array of crop plant species. Elucidation of structural genomics of the nuclear genomes of the crop plants and their wild allied species included enumeration of the sequences and their assembly, repetitive sequences, gene annotation and genome duplication, synteny with other sequences and comparison of gene families. Sequencing of organellar genomes including chloroplasts and mitochondria enriched the structural genomics database. At the same time, researches on functional genomics such as transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics presented useful information. All these advances in genome sciences facilitated complementation of the erstwhile strategies of genome elucidation and improvement employing molecular breeding and genetic transformation with genomics-assisted breeding and most recent technique of genome editing. All these concepts, strategies, techniques and tools will be deliberated in the 'stand-alone' volumes of this proposed book series.

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Potato Improvement in the Post-Genomics Era

Potato Improvement in the Post-Genomics Era

1st Edition


By Jagesh Kumar Tiwari
December 22, 2022

Potato Improvement in a Post-Genomics Era delves into post-genomics advances in potato improvement since the potato genome sequencing in 2011. This book provides the latest developments in the field of potato genetic resources, genes and SNP markers discovery, and the progress in next-generation ...

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