1st Edition

Advances in Criminological Theory Volume 2

Edited By William S. Laufer, Freda Adler Copyright 1990

    Criminology has developed strong methodological tools over the past decades, establishing itself as a competitive and sophisticated social science. Despite and perhaps because of its emphasis on research design, methodology, and quantitative analysis, criminology has had few significant advances in theory. This is the first publication exclusively dedicated to the dissemination of original work on criminological theory. It encourages theory construction and validation in existing criminological publications, as well as furthering the free exchange of ideas, propositions, and postulates. This volume is dedicated to a pioneer in criminology, Donald Cressey, and is especially noteworthy for its comparative and international dimension.

    1: Whose Prophet Is Cesare Beccaria? An Essay on the Origins of Criminological Theory; 2: On the Plausibility of Corporate Crime Theory; 3: Parental Work Control and Delinquency: A Theoretical and Empirical Critique; 4: Legal Socialization Theory: A Precursor to Comparative Research in the Soviet Union; 5: Theoretical Explanations of Race Differences in Heroin Use; 6: The Media World of Crime: A Study of Social Learning Theory and Symbolic Interaction; 7: Epistemological Problems in Criminology; 8: The State of Criminology: Theoretical Decay or Renaissance; 9: One Perspective on the State of Criminology


    William S. Laufer, Freda Adler