Advances in Physical Ergonomics and Safety  book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Physical Ergonomics and Safety

ISBN 9781439870389
Published July 10, 2012 by CRC Press
604 Pages 248 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Based on recent research, this book discusses physical ergonomics, which is concerned with human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to physical activity. Topics include working postures, materials handling, repetitive movements, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, workplace layout, safety, and health.

Table of Contents

Advances in Physical Ergonomics & Safety, Tareq Ahram and Waldemar Karwowski

Decision support in safety management, T. Waefler, S. Binz, K. Gaertner and K. Fischer, Switzerland
Ergonomic evaluation of scaffolding task interventions for power plant maintenance, S. Gangakhedkar, D. Kaber, M. Diering and P. Reddy
Development of prototype system on workers’ awareness information assessment for safety management in petroleum facilities, S. Tanuma, T. Akasaka and Y. Okada, Japan
Performance of new raters using an observational physical ergonomic risk assessment instrument, K. Streilein, E. Irwin and T. Armstrong
Pragmatic measures to vitalize railroad-station-service employees' activities that can reinforce customers' safety and comfort, N. Tsuji, R. Ikeda and Y. Okada, Japan
Human reliability of chemicals trucks filling process, C.-W. Lu and C.-Y. Wu, Taiwan
An improvement of staffs’ motivation/satisfaction for safety activities in a railroad operation department, R. Nihongi and Y. Okada, Japan
New forms of education as part of effective management of occupational safety and health at work, K. Habina, J. Donic and A. Lezovicova, Slovakia
BBS program (behavior based safety)- Way to raising the level of health and safety in practice, H. Pacaiova, A. Nagyova and S. Markulik, Slovakia
Using fuzzy set theory to model resilience in safe-critical organizations, C. Grecco, M. Vidal and P. Carvalho, Brazil
Identification of high risk patients for colonoscopy surveillance from EMR text, E. Sherer, H.-Y. Huang, T. Imperiale, G. Nanda and M. Lehto, USA
The effects of repetitive lifting on heart rate responses and perceived exertion in a young and middle-aged population, M. Boocock and G. Mawston, New Zealand

In vivo investigation of the effects of force and posture on carpal tunnel pressure, R. McGorry and N. Fallentin, USA, J. Andersen, Canada, P. Keir, and T. Hansen, Denmark, J.-H. Lin and G. Pransky, USA
Analysis and evaluation of muscular strain while working with large scale touchscreens, J. Bützler, S. Vetter, M. Kremer, N. Jochems and C. Schlick, Germany
Shoulder muscle loading during repetitive reaching task among younger and older adults, J. Qin, J.-H. Lin and X. Xu, USA
Whole–body vibration when operating mobile machinery, S. Fiserova, Czech Republic
An assessment of manual material handling and postural stress among the warehouse workers, H. Bhatt and P. Sharma, India
Effects of different inclination angles on biomechanical loading of the shoulder and hand while pushing construction carts, Y.-H. Lin, Taiwan
Effects of restrictive clothing on lumbar range of motion in adolescent workers, W. Eungpinichpong, P. Areeudomwong, N. Pramodhyakul, V. Buttagat, M. Swangnetr, D. Kaber, USA, and R. Puntumetakul, Thailand
Investigations on eye movement activities in the manually controlled rendezvous and docking of space vehicles, Y. Tian, S. Chen, C. Wang, Q. Yan and Z. Wang, China
Upper limb strength expression during work simulated tasks in a cohort of black African males, S. Davies and T. Goba, South Africa
A work-rest allowance model based individual fatigue and recovery attributes, L. Ma and Z. Zhang, China
Evaluation and prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in Hungary, G. Szabó, Hungary
The analysis of complexload of machine production workers, M. Kapustová, I. Tureková and K. Balog, Slovak Republic
A design proposal of confirmation/check task to ensure workers' active will, R. Ikeda, N. Tsuji, T. Akasaka and Y. Okada, Japan
Enhancement of workers’ capability to analyze the latent factors in troubles, T. Maeda, T. Akasaka and Y. Okada, Japan
Effects of vibration exposure on action judgment: A field test for professional drivers, N. Costa, P. Arezes and R. Melo, Portugal
An investigation into blood pressure of blue collar workers of casting and forging SMEs: A study in India, L. Singh, India
Ergonomics and quality interventions in woodworking technological processes for lightening the workload, H. Kalkis, V. Kalkis, Z. Roja, V. Praude and I. Rezepina, Latvia

Design standards and layout methods of multi-information visual interface based on eye movement of flight simulator, H. Jun and X. Li, China, K. Sato, USA, L. Yao and Y. Jiang, China
A study of universal design principles assessment, M. Mustaquim, Sweden
Hand/handle interface affects bi-manual pushing strength, J.-H. Lin, R. McGorry and C.-C. Chang, USA
Research on evaluation and optimization design method of product sensory quality, F. Guo, Y. Sun, M. Zhu, L. Zhao and N. Xu, China
Geometric dimension model of virtual human for ergonomic analysis of man-machine system, Z. Qianxiang, D. Songtao, L. Zhongqi and Z. Xiaohui, China
Influence of interface compatibility on the spacecraft tracing performance in vibration environment, C. Wang, T. Jiang and P. Teng, China
Design and evaluation of a standing platform for reducing the physical strains faced by workers on guyed telecommunication towers, H.-C. Chen, T.-L. Lin, C.-L. Lee and C.-Y. Chen, Taiwan
An analysis of grip design for manual hammer stapling tool, A. Sengupta and W. Latta, USA
Space operation system based on human-in-the-loop, S. Guo, D. Li and C. Fan, China
Transformation between different local coordinate systems of scapula, X. Xu, J.-H. Lin, K. Li and V. Tan, USA
The system of coordinating security for the construction of nuclear power, J. Donic, A. Lezovicova and K. Habina, Slovakia
Performance assessment and optimization of HSE management systems with human error and ambiguity by an integrated fuzzy multivariate approach in a large conventional power plant manufacturer, A. Azadeh and Z. Jiryaei and A. Farmand, Iran
The analysis on force of door operation of applying universal design and the mechanism design of measurement device, S.-B. Wang, K.-C. Lin, and C.-F. Wu, Taiwan
Ergonomic design of classroom furniture for elementary schools, M. Gonçalves and P. Arezes, Portugal
Materialization of the storage halls lighting, I. Tureková, M. Rusko and J. Harangozó, Slovak Republic
Nail clipper design for elderly population, H. C. Wu, Y.-C. Lin and C.-H. Hou, Taiwan
An adjustable assistive chair design for older people, C. Huang, Taiwan
A comparative study of static balance before and after a simulated firefighting drill in career and volunteer Italian firefighters, M. Pau, G. Cadoni, B. Leban and A. Loi, Italy

Prediction of drowsiness using multivariate analysis of biological information and driving performance, A. Murata, Y. Okubo, T. Hayami and M. Moriwaka, Japan
Development of measurement method of individual hazard perception, A. Hirose and D. Takeda, Japan
The evaluation of heat transfer using the foot manikin, U. Reischl, USA, I. Salopek Cubric, Z. Skenderi and B. Mijovic, Croatia
A Bayesian based model application to the prediction of task accuracy - Case study on call center's agents dialog, E. Darmaningrat and S.-C. Lin, China
Study on the control rules of X-axis relative speed of chase spacecraft during the manual control rendezvous and docking, T. Zhiqiang, J. Ting, W. Chunhui and J. Guohua, China
Ergonomic work analysis applied to maintenance activities at a pilot plant of oil and gas industry, M. Zamberlan, C. Guimaraes, G. Cid, A. Paranhos and J. Oliveira, Brazil
Fuzzy Bayesian based classification of call center agent activity, S.-C. Lin, Taiwan, M. Lehto and S. Leman, USA
Testing of chosen Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as per standard STN EN ISO 15025:2003, L. Makovicka Osvaldova, A. Osvald and P. Makovicky, Slovak Republic
Occupational medical service in practice, A. Lezovicova, J. Donic and K. Habina, Slovakia
Head and facial anthropometry of young Chinese male aged 18-35 years old, X. Zheng, S. Ding, Q. Zhou, T. Liu, X. Yuan and L. Guojie, China
The suitable sampling duration for performing consecutive maximum voluntary contraction gripping exertions without fatigue, P.-C. Sung and C.-L. Lee, Taiwan
Basic study on automotive warning presentation to front/rear hazard by vibrotactile stimulation, A. Murata, S. Kemori, T. Hayami and M. Moriwaka, Japan
Characterization of the hand bike sport gesture: A quantitative kinematic analysis and an ergonomic assessment of different vehicle adjustments, M. Mazzola, F. Costa and G. Andreoni, Italy
Parameters in phases of causal dependency in the occurrence of negative phenomena, J. Sinay, A. Nagyova, S. Vargova and F. Kalafut, Slovakia
Determination of muscles fatigue for production packers and sawing machine operators in furniture enterprise using myotonometry, V. Kalkis, Z. Roja and H. Kalkis, Latvia
Heart rate monitoring - physical load objective evaluation method for nurses and assistants of nurses, Z. Roja, V. Kalkis, I. Roja and H. Kalkis, Latvia
Ergonomic analysis of rice field plowing, M. Swangnetr, P. Namkorn, C. Phimphasak, and K. Saenlee, Thailand, D. Kaber, USA, O. Buranruk and R. Puntumetakul, Thailand
Automatic landmark identification from three dimensional (3D) human body data using geometric characteristics, J. Niu, Y. Wu, F. Hou, A. Feng and X. Chen, China
Evaluation of office chairs by measuring the seat pressure variations in daily office work, J. Park, S. Kim, M. Kim, H. Jung and Y. Shim, Korea

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Ahram\, Tareq Z.; Karwowski\, Waldemar