1st Edition

Advances in Pregnancy-Related Protein Research Functional and Clinical Applications

By Gabor N. Than, H. Bohn, Denes G. Szabo Copyright 1993

    Advances in Pregnancy-Related Protein Research describes the most significant advances in pregnancy-related protein research that have occurred over the last 25 years. The fetal, pregnancy, placental, and endometrial proteins discussed are classified by their origin and biological activity. The structure and function of newly discovered pregnancy protein families are examined in detail. Physiological values of various pregnancy and placental proteins are presented, and the pathophysiological significance of diagnostic and therapeutic data is addressed. Advances in Pregnancy-Related Protein Research will be a useful reference for obstetricians, oncologists, immunologists, reproduction specialists, oncodevelopmental biologists, gynecologists, and other researchers interested in the subject.

    Pregnancy-Related Proteins Detected by Their Biological Activities (H. Bohn). Pregnancy-Related Proteins Detected by Immunochemical or Physicochemical Methods (H. Bohn). Characteristics of Pregnancy-Related Proteins (H. Bohn). Occurrence in the Placenta and in Other Human Tissues (G.N. Than). Pregnancy-Related Protein Concentrations during Normal Pregnancy (D.G. Szabó). Pregnancy-Related Protein Concentrations and Hormone Levels during Pathological Pregnancies (G.N. Than). Pregnancy, Placental, and Endometrial Proteins in Trophoblastic Diseases (G.N. Than). Pregnancy-Related Proteins in Non-Trophoblastic Tumors (G.N. Than).


    Than, Gabor N.; Bohn, H.; Szabo, Denes G.