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Advancing Theory in Therapy

About the Series

Most books covering individual therapeutic approaches are aimed at the trainee/student market.

This series, however, is concerned with advanced and advancing theory, offering the reader comparative and comparable coverage of a number of therapeutic approaches.

Aimed at professionals and postgraduates, Advancing Theory in Therapy will cover an impressive range of theories.

With full reference to case studies throughout, each book in the series will:

  • present cutting edge research findings
  • locate each theory and its application within its cultural context
  • develop a critical view of theory and practice.

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Integrative Psychotherapy A Mindfulness- and Compassion-Oriented Approach

Integrative Psychotherapy: A Mindfulness- and Compassion-Oriented Approach

1st Edition

By Gregor Žvelc, Maša Žvelc
December 30, 2020

Integrative psychotherapy is a groundbreaking book where the authors present mindfulness- and compassion-oriented integrative psychotherapy (MCIP) as an integration of relational psychotherapy with the practice and research of mindfulness and compassion. The book elucidates an approach which is ...

Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

1st Edition

Edited By Tree Staunton
May 17, 2002

In the past the practice of body psychotherapy has been taken less seriously in professional circles than more traditional psychotherapeutic approaches.Body Psychotherapy redresses the balance, offering insights into a spectrum of approaches within body-oriented psychotherapy. A range of ...

Transactional Analysis A Relational Perspective

Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective

1st Edition

By Helena Hargaden, Charlotte Sills
May 21, 2002

Transactional analysis is growing in popularity as an approach to psychotherapy, and this book provides an in-depth, comprehensive model of theory and practice.Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective presents a relational model of psychotherapy which reflects the theoretical and ...

Adlerian Psychotherapy An Advanced Approach to Individual Psychology

Adlerian Psychotherapy: An Advanced Approach to Individual Psychology

1st Edition

By Ursula E. Oberst, Alan E. Stewart
January 09, 2003

Adlerian Psychotherapy gives an account of Adlerian therapy and counselling from its origins to the present day, and proposes an advanced version of the theory. The main principles and concepts of Adler's thinking are re-examined from a contemporary perspective, placing them in the context of other...

Psychodrama Advances in Theory and Practice

Psychodrama: Advances in Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Clark Baim, Jorge Burmeister, Manuela Maciel
August 06, 2007

Psychodrama: Advances in Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the theory and practice of psychodrama, integrating different psychodramatic schools of thought. Psychodrama is one of the pioneering approaches of psychotherapy and is practised by thousands of ...

Gestalt Therapy Advances in Theory and Practice

Gestalt Therapy: Advances in Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine
September 21, 2011

The Gestalt approach is based on the philosophy that the human being is born with the healthy ability to regulate needs and wants in relationship with the environment in which she/he lives. Heightening of personal awareness and exploration of needs is enabled by the therapist who actively engages ...

Existential Therapy Legacy, Vibrancy and Dialogue

Existential Therapy: Legacy, Vibrancy and Dialogue

1st Edition

Edited By Laura Barnett, Greg Madison
January 12, 2012

In 1958 in their book Existence, Rollo May, Henri Ellenberger and Ernst Angel introduced existential therapy to the English-speaking psychotherapy world. Since then the field of existential therapy has moved along rapidly and this book considers how it has developed over the past fifty years, and ...

Lacanian Psychoanalysis Revolutions in Subjectivity

Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Revolutions in Subjectivity

1st Edition

By Ian Parker
August 18, 2010

Jacques Lacan's impact upon the theory and practice of psychoanalysis worldwide cannot be underestimated. Lacanian Psychoanalysis looks at the current debates surrounding Lacanian practice and explores its place within historical, social and political contexts. The book argues that Lacan’s ...

Constructivist Psychotherapy A Narrative Hermeneutic Approach

Constructivist Psychotherapy: A Narrative Hermeneutic Approach

1st Edition

By Gabriele Chiari, Maria Laura Nuzzo
October 30, 2009

Psychotherapy has undergone major changes in recent years, with a variety of new approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy joining the more traditional and widespread schools of thought. These new approaches all share the epistemological assumption of constructivism, which states that ...

Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy A Postmodern Perspective

Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy: A Postmodern Perspective

1st Edition

By Lisa Wake
March 28, 2008

Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy offers a unique and exciting postmodern perspective on an advancing model of therapy. It places neurolinguistic psychotherapy in context and considers the history of NLP and its relationship to psychotherapy. Presented as an effective model for facilitating ...

Person-Centred Therapy A Clinical Philosophy

Person-Centred Therapy: A Clinical Philosophy

1st Edition

By Keith Tudor, Mike Worrall
March 31, 2006

The person-centred approach is one of the most popular, enduring and respected approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. Person-Centred Therapy returns to its original formulations to define it as radically different from other self-oriented therapies. Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall draw on a ...

Analytical Psychology Contemporary Perspectives in Jungian Analysis

Analytical Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives in Jungian Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Joseph Cambray, Linda Carter
September 24, 2004

The Jungian approach to analysis and psychotherapy has been undergoing an extensive reconsideration during the past decade. Analytical Psychology calls special attention to the areas that have been most impacted: the core concepts and practices of the Jungian tradition, along with relevant ...

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