4th Edition

Advertising Media Workbook and Sourcebook

    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book provides simple explanations of advertising media sources and calculations along with real-world examples of source material from advertising and media companies.

    Each of the book's 45 concise units opens with a brief text segment, presents sample source materials from actual advertising and media companies, and concludes with hands-on exercises. Compact units cover all key topics including communication planning and media strategies. A media math primer, standard media formulae, media planning checklists, and a glossary of media terms are also included.

    Designed for practitioners and students, the latest edition includes new exercises with new media formats and digital media and new units devoted to popular social media channels.


    Part I: Marketing and Communication Planning 

    1. Working with a Communication Work Plan 

    2. Outlining the Components of a Communication Plan 

    3. Working with a Communication Planning Worksheet 

    4. Working with Competitive Media Information 

    5. Working with a Situation Analysis 

    6. Working with a Brand Purchase Funnel 

    7. Working with Communication Objectives 

    8. Working to Define the Target Market 

    9. Working with Geographic Marketing Information 

    10. Working with Seasonality Marketing Information 

    11. Working with a Communication Budget 

    Part II: Media Objectives and Strategies 

    12. Working to Define Media Objectives 

    13. Working with Reach 

    14. Working with Combinations of Media 

    15. Working with Frequency 

    16. Working with Frequency Levels 

    17. Working with Emotional versus Rational Appeals 

    18. Working with Test Cities and Standards 

    19. Working with Quintiles 

    20. Working to Define Media Strategies 

    21. Effectiveness, Engagement, and Commoditization 

    Part III: Media Tactics 

    22. Working to Define Media Tactics 

    23. Working with Media Cost Comparisons 

    24. Working with Estimating 

    25. Working with a Media Calendar and Flowcharts 

    Part IV: Broadcast Media 

    26. Working with Broadcast Media Estimates 

    27. Working with Broadcast Media Costs 

    28. Working with Broadcast Negotiations 

    Part V: Print Media 

    29. Working with Print Media Estimates 

    30. Working with Print Media Costs 

    31. Working with Print Negotiations 

    Part VI: Out-of-Home Media 

    32. Working with Out-of-Home Media 

    33. Working with Out-of-Home Media Costs 

    34. Working with Out-of-Home Negotiation 

    Part VII: Digital Media 

    35. Working with Online Display Media Estimates 

    36. Working with Analytics 

    37. Working with Online Display Media Costs 

    38. Working with Search Engine Marketing 

    39. Working with Facebook and Twitter  

    40. Working with Online Video Ads 

    41. Working with Mobile Media 

    Part VIII: Media Tools, Analysis, and Resources 

    42. Combining Sources and Data 

    43. Manipulating Data 

    44. Working with Basic Media Math 

    45. Working with Media Websites 

    Appendix A. A Primer to Media Math 

    Appendix B. Some Commonly Used Advertising Media Formulas 

    Appendix C. Advertising Media Glossary 

    Appendix D. Steps in the Media Decision Process


    Larry D. Kelley is a Professor of Advertising at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston, USA. He teaches advertising media planning, advertising account planning, and prinicples of advertising, among other classes. He has authored or co-authored seven books.

    Donald W. Jugenheimer is an author, researcher, consultant, and educator. His specialties are communication, advertising and media management, media economics, and advertising media. He has authord or co-authored twenty books.

    Kim Bartel Sheehan is Professor of Advertising at the University of Oregon, USA. Her teaching specialties are advertising management, research, and media planning. She has published extensively in academic journals, such as the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Advertising Research, and the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.