1st Edition

Affect, Embodiment, and Place in Critical Literacy
Assembling Theory and Practice

ISBN 9780367136628
Published August 29, 2019 by Routledge
246 Pages

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Book Description

This book explores the impact of sensation, affect, ethics, and place on literacy learning from early childhood through to adult education. Chapters bridge the divide between theory and practice to consider how contemporary teaching and learning can promote posthuman values and perspectives.

By offering a posthuman approach to literacy research and pedagogy, Affect, Embodiment, and Place in Critical Literacy re-works the theory-practice divide in literacy education, to emphasize the ways in which learning is an affective and embodied process merging in a particular environment. Written by literacy educators and international literacy researchers, this volume is divided into four sections focussing on: Moving with sensation and affect; becoming worldmakers with ethics and difference; relationships that matter in curriculum and place; before drawing together everything in a concise conclusion.

Affect, Embodiment, and Place in Critical Literacy is the perfect resource for researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the fields of literacy education and philosophy of education, as well as those seeking to explore the benefits of a posthumanism approach when conceptualising theory and practice in literacy education.

Table of Contents

Foreword—The Gradual Instant

Dennis Sumara


Mairi McDermott & Kim Lenters [University of Calgary]

Introducing Affect, Embodiment and Place in Critical Literacy

Kim Lenters & Mairi McDermott


Mapping Posthuman Concepts

Kim Lenters & Mairi McDermott


Moving with Sensation and Affect

Kim Lenters & Mairi McDermott

    1. Listening to Junk: Sensorial Assemblages and Community Engagement
    2. Stephanie Bartlett [Calgary Board of Education] & Robert LeBlanc [University of Lethbridge]

    3. How Minor Gestures Generate Relational Transformations in the Act of Literacy Teaching and Learning
    4. Christian Ehret [McGill University] & Rachel MacDonald [Calgary Board of Education]

    5. Experimentations in Affective Reading for Adult Language Classrooms
    6. Monica Waterhouse [Laval University] & Anita Chaudhuri [Mount Royal University]

    7. Planning-as-Burden, Planning-as-Gift: Shifting to Gift-Economy Approaches to Teaching and Learning
    8. Jennifer MacDonald [University of Calgary] & Kevin Leander [Vanderbildt University]


      Opening Minds, Eyes, Ears and Doors: Emergent Learning Opportunities for Literacy Educators Weaving Theory in Everyday Classrooms

      Barbara Comber [University of South Australia]


      Becoming Worldmakers with Ethics and Difference

      Mairi McDermott & Kim Lenters

    9. What Nose Hill Taught Us About Boundary-Making, Boundary-Knowing, and Boundary-Becoming
    10. Jaye Johnson Thiel [University of Georgia] & Melody Pelling [Calgary Board of Education]

    11. The Literacy is in the Listening: Honouring Multiplicity and Interrelatedness as Early Grade Teachers
    12. Maren Aukerman [University of Calgary] & Krista Jensen [Calgary Board of Education]

    13. On Being Thrown Together: Living and Learning in Diversity

Guy Merchant [Sheffield Hallam University] & Divya Davender-Kraft [Calgary Board of Education]

(9) Classroom Cosmopolitics: World-building for Mutual Flourishing

T. Phillip Nichols [Baylor University] & Brianne O’Sullivan [Calgary Board of Education]

(10) Ways of Being and Becoming in the Adolescent Classroom: An Invitation to Consider the Possibilities of Throwntogetherness

Erin Spring [University of Calgary] & Amanda Huddleston [Calgary Board of Education]


Knowing/Be(com)ing/Doing Literacies: (Re)Thinking Theory-Practice with a Personal Narrative Game Board

Candace R. Kuby [University of Missouri]


Relationships That Matter in Curriculum and Place

Mairi McDermott & Kim Lenters

    1. Walking Together in and Through Stories
    2. Pam Whitty [University of New Brunswick] & Heather McKay [Calgary Board of Education]

    3. Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey: Place-based Pedagogy Across Time and Space
    4. Megan Hirst [Calgary Board of Education] & Cathy Burnett [Sheffield Hallam University]

    5. Red Dresses and Sequined Bras: Encountering Materiality, Place, and Affect in Pop-Up Installation Pedagogy
    6. Michelle A. Honeyford [University of Manitoba] & Patti Trussler [Calgary Board of Education]

    7. Relationship Matters in Adult Education: The Practice of Literacies In-Between

Mia Perry [Glasgow University] & Keith Seel [Bow Valley College]



Mairi McDermott & Kim Lenters

Traveler Review I: Space Matters: How a Change in Space can Influence Learning

Miriam Ramzy [University of Calgary]

Traveler Review II: Used Once and Disposed: Collaborating with Youth Environmental Activists in Posthuman Times

Gina Ko [University of Calgary]


Why theory? Thinking, Being, Doing Literacy with Posthumanism

Kim Lenters & Mairi McDermott

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Kimberly Lenters is an associate professor of language and literacy education at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.

Mairi McDermott is an assistant professor of sociology of education at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, Canada.