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Aging and Society

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When Strangers Become Family The Role of Civil Society in Addressing the Needs of Aging Populations

When Strangers Become Family: The Role of Civil Society in Addressing the Needs of Aging Populations

1st Edition


By Ronald Angel, Verónica Montes-de-Oca Zavala
September 23, 2021

As the 21st Century unfolds, the traditional welfare state that evolved during the 20th Century faces serious threats to the solidarity that social programs were meant to strengthen. The rise of populist and nationalist parties reflects the decline of a sense of belonging and inclusiveness that ...

Age and the Reach of Sociological Imagination Power, Ideology and the Life Course

Age and the Reach of Sociological Imagination: Power, Ideology and the Life Course

1st Edition


By Dale Dannefer
August 10, 2021

Dominant cultural narratives tend to treat aging and human development as self-contained individual matters – bound by fixed biological processes that are imagined to be "natural", and largely independent of individual experience and social context. Our understandings of age are thus boxed in and ...

The Privatization of Care The Case of Nursing Homes

The Privatization of Care: The Case of Nursing Homes

1st Edition

Edited By Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong
September 30, 2019

Nursing homes are where some of the most vulnerable live and work. In too many homes, the conditions of work make it difficult to make care as good as it can be. For the last eight years an international team from Germany, Sweden, Norway, the UK, the US and Canada have been searching for promising ...

Aging A-Z Concepts Toward Emancipatory Gerontology

Aging A-Z: Concepts Toward Emancipatory Gerontology

1st Edition

By Carroll L. Estes, with Nicholas B. DiCarlo
April 24, 2019

This provocative, intellectually charged treatise serves as a concise introduction to emancipatory gerontology, examining multiple dimensions of persistent and hotly debated topics around aging, the life course, the roles of power, politics and partisanship, culture, economics, and communications. ...

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