1st Edition

Algorithm Design Practice for Collegiate Programming Contests and Education

By Yonghui Wu, Jiande Wang Copyright 2019
    706 Pages 160 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book can be used as an experiment and reference book for algorithm design courses, as well as a training manual for programming contests. It contains 247 problems selected from ACM-ICPC programming contests and other programming contests. There's detailed analysis for each problem. All problems, and test datum for most of problems will be provided online. The content will follow usual algorithms syllabus, and problem-solving strategies will be introduced in analyses and solutions to problem cases. For students in computer-related majors, contestants and programmers, this book can polish their programming and problem-solving skills with familarity of algorithms and mathematics.

    Practice for Ad Hoc Problems. Practice for Simulation Problems. Practice for Number Theory. Practice for Combinatorics. Practices for Greedy Algorithms. Dynamic Programming. Practice for Advanced Data Structure. Practice for Computation Geometry.


    Dr. Yonghui Wu serves as Associate Professor at teh school of computer science in Fudan University, China. He acted the coach of Fudan University Programming Contest teams from 2001 to 2011. Under his guidance Fudan University was qualified for ACM ICPC World Finals every year and won three medals (bronze medal in 2002, silver medal in 2005, and bronze medal in 2010) in ACM ICPC World Finals. Since 2012, he has published a series of books for programming contest and education in China covering datastructures, algorithms and strategies, which are walmly welcomed not only in Mainland China, but also in Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, and other Chinese speaking areas. He just published his first book’s English version:Data Structure Practice : for Collegiate Programming Contests and Education with CRC Press. Since 2013, he has been giving lectures in Oman, Taiwan and the United States for programming contest training. He is currently the chair of the ICPC Asia Programming Contest 1st Training Committee.