1st Edition

All the World’s a Stage
The Theater of Political Simulations

ISBN 9781138094055
Published September 16, 2020 by Routledge
206 Pages

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Book Description

Classroom role-playing simulations bring the drama of politics to life and enrich

traditional learning by plunging students into the midst of historical or current

events. Ben-Yehuda gives students and instructors the resources and confidence

to embark on a careful enactment of scenarios that will inspire enthusiasm in

participants and stick in the memory long after the curtain falls. The book includes

in-depth discussions of three possible theatrical simulations: appeasement in

1938 Munich, the regional turmoil following the 1947 UN Palestine Partition

decision, and the Syrian civil war and ongoing global confrontation with ISIS. It

is appropriate for students in global studies courses at all levels.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables   






 Introduction to Part I 

 Chapter 1 Hall of Fame 

Chapter 2 Based on a True Story: Theater Metaphor and Simulation Phases 

Chapter 3 Simulation Types and Goal Advancement 

PART II CASE STUDIES: The Theater Metaphor Applied 

 Introduction to Part II 

Chapter 4 Munich, 1938: Preparation and Teamwork 

Chapter 5 Munich, 1938: Negotiations and Postproduction  Chapter 6 A New Age of Turmoil: From Traditional to Complex Settings  


Introduction to Part III 

Chapter 7 The Rewards: Active Learning as a New Stage  




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Hemda Ben-Yehuda teaches in the Department of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. She is an authority on simulation methods, the study of crisis and the Arab [en dash] Israeli conflict.


Praise for All the World’s a Stage: The Theater of Political Simulations

All the World’s a Stage is an outstanding contribution to pedagogy in general and the use of simulation in particular for the field of International Relations (IR). This fascinating new book uses a theater-based metaphor to communicate principles and approaches for carrying out simulations. The volume is distinguished by its creative yet also practical approach. Instructors and students alike will find the case studies, which focus on preparation and teamwork, to be very enlightening. The study makes excellent use of historical cases such as Munich 1938 while also maintaining a clear connection to contemporary issues in world politics. All the World’s a Stage is essential reading for scholars with interests in active learning, along with those in the field at a more general level, because of its clear and effective presentation of the most pressing issues in the field.

 --Patrick James, University of Southern California

 From one of academia’s most experienced designers and implementers of role-playing simulations in higher education, comes this innovative and lively book for educators and students alike. All the World’s a Stage is accessible and applicable to faculty and students, providing a unique insight into how simulations are created to advance knowledge and understanding of the real world of international politics. Anyone in higher education wishing to create simulations for their classrooms should have this book, where they are not only given clear instructions, theoretical underpinnings, and invaluable insights on role-playing simulations, but a handbook for creating their own and involving students in the process.  

--Mary Jane Parmentier, Arizona State University

In this brilliant book, Ben-Yehuda brings the readers to a world stage, sharing her long-lasting experience in using simulations as a teaching tool. The pedagogical value of active learning processes - the management of an international political crisis, by playing the roles of states, nonstate actors, and media - is nowadays recognized by instructors from various universities. Enriched with tables, case studies and anecdotes, this book is a must-read for those concerned with making their courses more attracting and an essential textbook for students interested in "learning by doing." Becoming "active learners" is a practice which, once adopted, will be never abandoned.

--Daniela Irrera, University of Catania

This book is a must for amplifying student engagement and learning in political science and international studies classrooms. The author, a recognized expert on simulations, takes us inside the simulation process and highlights critical success factors.  Three key, in-depth case studies bring to life the power (and fun) of simulations both for professors and students.

--Nanette Levinson, American University