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International Studies Intensives: International Studies Intensives

About the Series

International Studies Intensives (ISI) is a book series that springs from the desire to keep students engaged in the world around them. ISI books are meant to offer an intensive introduction to subjects often left out of the curriculum. Our authors are from a range of disciplines and employ many different methodological approaches to teaching about international issues. Yet each and every ISI book packs a wealth of information into a small space, and does so in ways that students find compelling and instructors find useful. ISI books are relatively short, visually attractive, and affordably priced. Examination/inspection copies for course adoption may be requested from the Webpage of any book in the series. Book proposals for the series should be directed to the co-editors: [email protected] and [email protected].

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Human Rights and Justice for All Demanding Dignity in the United States and Around the World

Human Rights and Justice for All: Demanding Dignity in the United States and Around the World

1st Edition

By Carrie Walling
February 17, 2022

Human rights is an empowering framework for understanding and addressing justice issues at local, domestic, and international levels. This book combines US-based case studies with examples from other regions of the world to explore important human rights themes – the equality, universality, and ...

All the World’s a Stage The Theater of Political Simulations

All the World’s a Stage: The Theater of Political Simulations

1st Edition

By Hemda Ben-Yehuda
September 16, 2020

Classroom role-playing simulations bring the drama of politics to life and enrich traditional learning by plunging students into the midst of historical or current events. Ben-Yehuda gives students and instructors the resources and confidence to embark on a careful enactment of scenarios that will ...

American Exceptionalism Reconsidered U.S. Foreign Policy, Human Rights, and World Order

American Exceptionalism Reconsidered: U.S. Foreign Policy, Human Rights, and World Order

1st Edition

By David P. Forsythe, Patrice C. McMahon
November 29, 2016

Is the US really exceptional in terms of its willingness to take universal human rights seriously? According to the rhetoric of American political leaders, the United States has a unique and lasting commitment to human rights principles and to a liberal world order centered on rule of law and human...

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Politics of Apology

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Politics of Apology

1st Edition

By Loramy Gerstbauer
October 31, 2016

Acts of contrition and transitional justice—admission of wrong, apology, and reparations—have become fashionable in the discourse of international affairs. Using a case-study approach that inspires student discussion of concrete examples, this text addresses important questions about the politics ...

The New Warfare Rethinking Rules for an Unruly World

The New Warfare: Rethinking Rules for an Unruly World

1st Edition

By J. Martin Rochester
March 07, 2016

This book looks at the evolving relationship between war and international law, examining the complex practical and legal dilemmas posed by the changing nature of war in the contemporary world, whether the traditional rules governing the onset and conduct of hostilities apply anymore, and how they ...

Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East Youth, Technology, Human Rights, and US Foreign Policy

Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East: Youth, Technology, Human Rights, and US Foreign Policy

1st Edition

By Mahmood Monshipouri
January 30, 2014

As Egypt retreats from its newly elected government and Syria moves from one crisis to another, this book’s reflection on the Arab Spring could not be more timely. Monshipouri’s account of the role of emotion, solidarity, and online activism is informed by several trips to the region that continue ...

Celebrity Diplomacy

Celebrity Diplomacy

1st Edition

By Andrew F. Cooper, Louise Frechette
October 30, 2007

Time magazine named Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates their "Persons of the Year." The United Nations tapped Angelina Jolie as a goodwill ambassador. Bob Geldof organized the Live8 concert to push the G8 leaders' summit on AIDS and debt relief. What has come to be called "celebrity diplomacy" ...

Development Redefined How the Market Met Its Match

Development Redefined: How the Market Met Its Match

1st Edition

By Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
August 30, 2008

Rejecting the "flat worldism" of the globalists as well as the peaks and valleys of trade and aid policies over the years, Robin Broad and John Cavanagh guide us through the raging debate over the best route to development for the poorer nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This book takes ...

International Relations as Negotiation

International Relations as Negotiation

1st Edition

By Brian R Urlacher
September 30, 2015

Negotiations are central to the operation of the international system, found at the heart of every conflict and every act of cooperation. Negotiation is the primary vehicle that states use to manage conflict and build prosperity in a complicated and dangerous international system. International ...

Paradoxes of Power U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changing World

Paradoxes of Power: U.S. Foreign Policy in a Changing World

1st Edition

By David Skidmore
February 15, 2007

This book provides a lively and readable introduction to current debates over U.S. power and purpose in world affairs. The end of the Cold War launched a new era in U.S. foreign policy. The United States entered a period of unprecedented global power, but one also characterized by new conflicts, ...

People Count! Networked Individuals in Global Politics

People Count!: Networked Individuals in Global Politics

1st Edition

By James N. Rosenau
October 30, 2007

People Count! rests on a single but important premise: As the world shrinks and becomes ever more complex, so have people-as "networked individuals"-become ever more central to the course of events. This book seeks to depict a new era by analyzing the basic roles people occupy in their family, ...

Sixteen Million One Understanding Civil War

Sixteen Million One: Understanding Civil War

1st Edition

By Patrick M. Regan
June 30, 2009

Sixteen million people have died in civil wars in the past 50 years. In view of that, civil wars may be the single most destabilizing force in world politics today. The only greater killer is the suffering that pushes individuals into them. Civil wars create regional and global instability that ...

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