1st Edition

Alvin Ailey An American Visionary

Edited By Muriel Topaz Copyright 1996

    During its three and half decades, the Alvin Ailey Company has left lasting markers on the playing field of American Modern Dance. It has established a reputation for precise but spectacular dancing, for depicting an African American ethos with sensitivity and elegance, and set standards for performance excellence. Ailey's choreography caused shock waves in the dance world of 1958 and continues to move audiences deeply. The company has also provided a paradigm for a modern dance repertory company. Contributors include Jennifer Dunning, Ronni Favors, Allan Gray, Denise Jefferson, Cynthia Sithembile West, Muriel Topaz, James Truitte, and Sylvia Waters. Eulogies written by David Dinkins, Carmen de Lavallade, Judith Jamison and Maya Angelou.

    I: General Aspects of the Table Of Values; I (xxvi) 1: The Place of Moral Values Among Values in General; II: Moral Value and the End of Action; III xxviii: The Gradation of Values; IV: The Criteria of the Grade of a Value; V: The Problem of the Supreme Value; II: The Most General Antitheses; VI: The Antinomic of Values; VII: Modal Oppositions; VIII: Relational Opposites; IX: Qualitative and Quantitative Oppositions; III: The Values Which Condition Contents; X: General Character of The Group; XI: Valuational Foundations in the Subject; XII: Goods as Values; IV: Fundamental Moral Values; XIII: Moral Values in General; XIV: The Good; XV: The Noble; XVI: Richness of Experience; XVII: Purity; 5: Special Moral Values (First Group); XVIII: The Virtues in General; XIX: Justice; XX: Wisdom; XXI: Courage; XXII: Self-Control; XXIII: The Aristotelian Virtues; VI: Special Moral Values (Second Group); XXIV: Brotherly Love; XXV: Truthfulness and Uprightness; XXVI: Trustworthiness and Fidelity; XXVII: Trust and Faith; XXVIII: Modesty, Humility, Aloofness; XXIX: The Values of Social Intercourse; VII: Special Moral Values (Third Group); XXX: Love of The Remote; XXXI: Radiant Virtue; XXXII: Personality; XXXIII: Personal Love; VIII: The Order of the Realm of Values; XXXIV: The Lack of Systematic Structure; XXXV: Stratification and the Foundational Relation; XXXVI: Oppositional Relation and the Synthesis of Values; XXXVII: The Complementary Relationship; XXXVIII: The Grade and the Strength of Values; XXXIX: Value and Valuational Indifference


    Muriel Topaz

    "I am Alvin Ailey. I am a choreographer. I am a black man whose roots are in the sun and dirt of the south. My roots are in the blues, in the street people whose lives are full of beauty and misery and pain and hope. My roots are also in the Gospel church, the Gospel church of the south where I grew up. Holy blues, paeons to joy, anthems to the human spirit." -- Alvin Ailey