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Doris Humphrey A Centennial Issue

Doris Humphrey: A Centennial Issue

1st Edition

Edited By Naomi Mindlin
May 01, 1998

In honour of Doris Humphrey's centennial, which was celebrated worldwide in 1995, this issue explores her legacy to the world of dance and her place in history. The varied aspects of her work are covered including choreography, teaching approach, Labanotation scores, reconstruction/recreations, and...

Upward Panic The Autobiography of Eva Palmer-Sikelianos

Upward Panic: The Autobiography of Eva Palmer-Sikelianos

1st Edition

Edited By John P. Anton
January 01, 1993

First Published in 1993.A complete autobiography of Evalina Palmer-Sikelianos (1874-1952), a woman of immense spiritual strength who fought for the arts against the background of war. She contributed impressively throughout her life to the revival of interest in classical Greece, the theatre and ...

Alvin Ailey An American Visionary

Alvin Ailey: An American Visionary

1st Edition

Edited By Muriel Topaz
February 01, 1996

During its three and half decades, the Alvin Ailey Company has left lasting markers on the playing field of American Modern Dance. It has established a reputation for precise but spectacular dancing, for depicting an African American ethos with sensitivity and elegance, and set standards for ...

Merce Cunningham Creative Elements

Merce Cunningham: Creative Elements

1st Edition

Edited By David Vaughan
June 01, 1996

Merce Cunningham reached the age of 75 in 1994, an age at which many creative artists are content to rest on their laurels, or at least to leave behind whatever controversies they may have caused during their careers. No so Cunningham. In the first place, his 70s have been a time of intense ...

Doople\aa The Eternal Law of African Dance

Doople\aa: The Eternal Law of African Dance

1st Edition

By Alphonse Tierou
January 01, 1992

The African dancer requires complete technical mastery and must respect the precise rules handed down by the society of the Masques de Sagesse. Alphonse Tirou is from the Ouenon people of the Ivory Coast. His major study is the first written record of this oral tradition and it explains the ...

Antonio Triana and the Spanish Dance A Personal Recollection

Antonio Triana and the Spanish Dance: A Personal Recollection

1st Edition

By Rita Vega de Triana
September 01, 1994

This book also traces the evolution of the Spanish Dance technique, marked as it is by a turbulent history. Antonio Triana was a dancer of mature artistry, dignity and power. His physical and technical achievements went beyond what is generally known about Spanish Dance. His dance presented the ...

Dance Words

Dance Words

1st Edition

Edited By Valerie Preston-Dunlop
July 01, 1995

In her unique collection of the verbal language of dance practitioners and researchers, Valerie Preston-Dunlop presents a comprehensive view of people in dance: what they do, their movement, their sound, and the space in which they work - from the standpoint of the performers, choreographers, ...

East Meets West in Dance Voices in the Cross-Cultural Dialogue

East Meets West in Dance: Voices in the Cross-Cultural Dialogue

1st Edition

Edited By John Solomon, Ruth Solomon
May 01, 1995

East Meets West in Dance chronicles this development in the words of many of its best known and most active exponents. This collection of articles provides a theoretical discussion of the promises and pitfalls inherent in transplanting art forms from one culture to another; it offers practical ...

Christensen Brothers An American Dance Epic

Christensen Brothers: An American Dance Epic

1st Edition

By Debra Hickenlooper Sowell
July 01, 1998

With members of four generations deeply involved in music and dancing, the Christensen Brothers are indisputably the United States' closest equivalent to the European tradition of dance dynasties. Their story sheds light on the history of ballet in twentieth-century America, both through their ...

Dancing Female

Dancing Female

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon E. Friedler, Susan B. Glazer
June 01, 1997

How do women set up institutions? How has higher education helped or hindered women in the world of dance? These are some of the questions addressed through interviews and researched by the educators and dancers Sharon E. Friedler and Susan B. Glazer in Dancing Female . In dealing with some of the...

What's So Funny? Sketches from My Life

What's So Funny?: Sketches from My Life

1st Edition

By Lotte Goslar
July 01, 1998

Illustrated by Lotte Goslar herself, this extraordinary book provides, through her vivid sketch-like texts, a moving and humorous account of her life during a traumatic period in world history. Her acute observations of daily human foibles and vanities are interspersed with her interactions with ...

Gertrud Bodenwieser and Vienna's Contribution to Ausdruckstanz

Gertrud Bodenwieser and Vienna's Contribution to Ausdruckstanz

1st Edition

Edited By Bettina Vernon-Warren, Charles Warren
August 01, 1999

Born in Vienna in 1890, Gertrud Bodenwieser became a leading exponent of Ausdruckstanz (Expressionist Dance) during the 1920s and 1930s, developing a definitive personal style and a philosophy of dance that distinguished her from all her contemporaries. In 1938 she emigrated to Australia to start ...

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