3rd Edition

An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research

    608 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    608 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This new edition provides a comprehensive overview of current theory and research written by the top theorists and researchers in each area. It has been updated to address the growing influence of technology, changing relationships, and several growing integrated approaches to communication and includes seven new chapters on:

    ■ Digital Media

    ■ Media Effects

    ■ Privacy

    ■ Dark Side

    ■ Applied Communication

    ■ Relational Communication

    ■ Instructional Communication

    ■ Communication and the Law

    The book continues to be essential reading for students and faculty who want a thorough overview of contemporary communication theory and research.

    Preface to the 1996 Edition

    Preface to the 2007 Edition

    Preface to the Third Edition

    Part One: Studying "Theory": Doing "Research

    1 Integrating Theory and Research: Starting with Questions

    Don W. Stacks and Michael B. Salwen

    2 Thinking about Theory

    Steven H. Chafee

    3 Thinking Quantitatively

    Michael J. Beatty

    4 The Qualitative Method in Communication Research

    Mark Hickson III and Brennan Hickson

    Part Two: Mass Communication: Approaches and Concerns

    5 Mass Communication Theory and Research: The Dynamic Nature of Theoretical Approaches

    Wayne Wanta and Barbara Myslik

    6 Privacy Issues in Communication

    Fritz Messere

    7 Media Gatekeeping

    Tim P. Vos

    8 The Agenda-Setting Role of the News Media

    Sebastián Valenzuela and Maxwell McCombs

    9 Cultivation Analysis: Research and Practice

    Nancy Signorielli, Michael Morgan, and James Shanahan

    10 Theories and Methods in Knowledge Gap Research

    Cecilie Gaziano and Emanuel Gaziano

    11 Uses and Gratifications

    Paul Haridakis and Zachary Humphries

    12 Spiral of Silence

    Charles T. Salmon and Thanomwong Poorisat

    13 International Communication

    Lindita Camaj

    14 Violence and Sex in the Media

    Wes Fondren, Kyle J. Holody, and Jennings Bryant

    15 Advertising

    Esther Thorson and Shelly Rodgers

    16 Digital Media: Identity Management

    Lee Humphreys, Alexa Paley, and Sierra Rinaldi

    17 Media Effects: A Functional Perspective

    Nicholas David Bowman

    Part Three: Human Communication Approaches and Concerns

    18 Human Communication Theories and Research: Traditions and Models

    Virginia P. Richmond and James C. McCroskey

    19 The Rhetorical Perspective: Doing, Being, Shaping, and Seeing

    J. David Cisneros, Kristen L. McCauliff, and Vanessa B. Beasley

    20 Persuasion

    Michael D. Miller and Timothy R. Levine

    21 Interpersonal Communication

    Charles R. Berger and Michael E. Roloff

    22 Delineating the Dark Side of Communication

    Brian Spitzberg

    23 Intercultural Communication

    Thomas M. Steinfatt and Diane M. Millette

    24 Intrapersonal Communication and Imagined Interactions: A Musical Application

    James M. Honeycutt

    25 Nonverbal Communication

    Amy S. Ebesu Hubbard and Judee K. Burgoon

    26 Applied Communication

    Lawrence R. Frey and Jeanette German

    27 Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice

    Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Tyler R. Harrison, and Fan Yang

    Part Four: Integrated Approaches to Communication

    28 Relational Communication

    Sean M. Horan and Leah E. Bryant

    29 Internet Communication (and Social Media)

    Marcus Messner, Bruce Garrison, and Marcia W. DiStaso

    30 Corporate Communication

    Shannon A. Bowen

    31 Diffusion of Innovations

    Everette M. Rodgers, Arvind Singhal, and Margaret M. Quinlan

    32 Credibility

    Charles C. Self and Chris Roberts

    33 Political Communication

    Sharon E. Jarvis and Kassie M. Barroquillo

    34 Public Relations and Integrated Communication

    Dustin Supa

    35 Health Communication: Social Support and Health Outcomes

    Kevin B. Wright

    36 Feminist Theory

    Carolyn Garrett Cline

    37 Communication Ethics

    Donald K. Wright

    38 Instructional Communication

    Marian L. Houser

    39 Communication and the Law

    Jason Zenor

    Part Five: Future of Theory and Research in Communication

    40 The Future of Communication Theory and Research

    Michael J. Beatty and Paola Pascual-Ferrá


    Don W. Stacks, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Corporate Communication and Public Relations in the School of Communication at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. He served as program director from 1995 to 2009 when he took the program into the top 25 undergraduate and top 15 graduate public relations programs in the United States, with a focus on strategic communication and research. He served as Associate Dean for Research from 2009 to 2011.

    Michael B. Salwen, Ph.D., Michigan State University, (1954–2007) was Professor of Journalism at the University of Miami, School of Communication, FL.

    Kristen C. Eichhorn, Ph.D., is Dean of the Division of Graduate Studies and Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Communication, Media and the Arts at the State University of New York at Oswego. Dr. Eichhorn received a B.A. degree in Communication Studies and Spanish from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY (1999), an M.A. in Communication Research from West Virginia University (2000), and a Ph.D. in Communication Research at the University of Miami, FL (2003). More recently, she was a 2013 participant in the American Council in Education’s (ACE) Regional Women’s Leadership forum and a 2016–2017 ACE Fellow at Cornell University, NY.