1st Edition

Analog BiCMOS Design
Practices and Pitfalls

ISBN 9780849302473
Published December 20, 1999 by CRC Press
232 Pages

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Book Description

Integrated circuits (ICs) don't always work the first time. Many things can and do go wrong in analog circuit designs. There are a number of common errors that often require costly chip redesign and refabrication, all of which can be avoided when designers are aware of the pitfalls. To realize success, IC designers need a complete toolbox-a toolbox filled not only with a solid background in electronics, design concepts and analysis skills, but also with the most valuable tool of all: experience.

Analog BiCMOS Design offers IC design engineers the learning equivalent to decades of practical experience. Culled from the careers of practicing engineers, it presents the most effective methods and the pitfalls most frequently encountered in the design of biCMOS integrated circuits. Accessible to anyone who has taken a course in electronics, this book covers the basic design of bandgap voltage references, current mirrors, amplifiers, and comparators. It reviews common design errors often overlooked and offers design techniques used to remedy those problems.

With its complete coverage of basic circuit building blocks, full details of common design pitfalls, and a compendium of design and layout problems and solutions, Analog BiCMOS Design is the perfect reference for IC designers and engineers, fledgling and experienced alike. Read it to reinforce your background, browse it for ideas on avoiding pitfalls, and when you run into a problem, use it to find a solution.

Table of Contents

Silicon Conductivity
pn Junctions
Diode Current
Bipolar Transistors
MOS Transistors
DMOS Transistors
Zener Diodes
Bipolar Transistors
MOS Transistors
Simple Small Signal Models for Hand Calculations
Current Mirrors in Bipolar Technology
Current Mirrors in MOS Technology
Simple Voltage References
Vbe Multiplier
Zener Voltage Reference
Temperature Characteristics of Ic and Vbe
Bandgap Voltage Reference
The Common-Emitter Amplifier
The Common-Base Amplifier
Common-Collector Amplifiers
Two-Transistor Amplifiers
CC-CE and CC-CC Amplifiers
The Darlington Configuration
The CE-CB Amplifiers or Cascode
Emitter-Coupled Pairs
The MOS Case: The Common-Source Amplifier
The CMOS Inverter
The Common-Source Amplifier with Source Degeneration
The MOS Cascode Amplifier
The Common Drain (Source Follower) Amplifier
Source-Couple Pairs
Comparator with Vbe -Dependent Hysteresis
The Bandgap Reference Comparator
Operational Amplifiers
A Programmable Current Reference
A Triangle-Wave Oscillator
A Four-Bit Current Summing DAC
The MOS Case
The Emitter Follower: A Class A Output Stage
The Common-Emitter Configuration as a Class A Output Stage
The Class B (Push-Pull) Output
The Class AB Output Stage
CMOS Output Stages
Overcurrent Protection
IR Drops
Lateral pnp
npn Transistors
Floating Tubs
Parasitic MOS Transistors
Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD)
ESD Protection Circuit Analysis
Each chapter also includes exercises

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