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Anthropology and Business: Crossing boundaries, innovating praxis

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Both anthropology and business work at the forefront of culture and change. As anthropology brings its concerns with cultural organization and patterns of human behavior to multiple forms of business, a new dynamic of engagement is created. In addition to expanding interest in business as an object of study, anthropologists increasingly hold positions within corporations or work as independent consultants to businesses. In these roles, anthropologists are both redefining the discipline and innovating in industries around the world. These shifts are creating exciting cross-fertilizations and advances in both realms: challenging traditional categories of scholarship and practice, pushing methodological boundaries, and generating new theoretical entanglements. This series advances anthropology's multifaceted work in enterprise, from marketing, design, and technology to user experience research, work practice studies, finance, and many other realms.

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EmTech Anthropology Careers at the Frontier

EmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier

1st Edition


Edited By Matt Artz, Lora Koycheva
August 06, 2024

EmTech Anthropology: Careers at the Frontier emphasizes anthropology's critical role at the frontier of emerging technologies (EmTech). The book explores the opportunities and challenges that arise as anthropologists venture into the territory of EmTech, pushing the boundaries of traditional ...

Ethnographic Thinking From Method to Mindset

Ethnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset

2nd Edition

By Jay Hasbrouck
April 12, 2024

This second edition of Ethnographic Thinking: From Method to Mindset serves as a primer for practitioners who want to apply ethnography to real-world challenges and commercial ventures. Building on the first edition, each chapter now includes a section focusing on practical advice to help readers ...

Advertising and Consumption Anthropological Studies in Brazil

Advertising and Consumption: Anthropological Studies in Brazil

1st Edition

By Everardo Rocha
May 31, 2023

This book argues for the study of consumption and its relationship with media images, particularly advertising, from a cultural perspective. Focused on Brazil, it draws on decades of research by the author and engages with theory and concepts from a range of classic anthropological works. The ...

Digital Cultures, Lived Stories and Virtual Reality

Digital Cultures, Lived Stories and Virtual Reality

1st Edition

By Thomas Maschio
November 30, 2021

This book focuses on the meaning and experience of digital practice, emerging from work in the world of business and drawing on recent anthropological thinking on digital culture. Tom Maschio suggests that the digital is a space of a new "story culture" and considers the lived experience of new ...

Women, Consumption and Paradox

Women, Consumption and Paradox

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy de Waal Malefyt, Maryann McCabe
May 05, 2020

Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, yet they are largely marketed to erroneously through misconceptions and patriarchal views that distort the reality of women’s lives, bodies, and work. This book examines the contradictions and mismatches between women’s everyday experiences and market ...

The Magic of Fashion Ritual, Commodity, Glamour

The Magic of Fashion: Ritual, Commodity, Glamour

1st Edition

By Brian Moeran
October 29, 2019

Drawing on 20 years of ethnographic fieldwork and anthropological theory, anthropologist Brian Moeran argues that fashion magazines are able to cast a spell over their readers by using practices and rituals found in age-old magical and religious rites....

Design + Anthropology Converging Pathways in Anthropology and Design

Design + Anthropology: Converging Pathways in Anthropology and Design

1st Edition

By Christine Miller
December 05, 2017

This book explores the evolution of two disciplines, design and anthropology, and their convergence within commercial and organizational arenas. Focusing on the transdisciplinary field of design anthropology, the chapters cover the global forces and conditions that facilitated its emergence, the ...

Ethics in the Anthropology of Business Explorations in Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy

Ethics in the Anthropology of Business: Explorations in Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy de Waal Malefyt, Robert J Morais
May 02, 2017

Ethics in business is a major topic both in the social sciences and in business itself. Anthropologists, long attendant to the intersection of ethics and practice, are particularly well suited to offer vital insights on the subject. This timely collection considers a range of ethical issues in ...

Intimacy at Work How Digital Media Bring Private Life to the Workplace

Intimacy at Work: How Digital Media Bring Private Life to the Workplace

1st Edition

By Stefana Broadbent
October 31, 2015

According to some social critics, the digital age involves a retreat into the isolation of intelligent machines. Acclaimed scholar Stefana Broadbent takes another view, that digital technologies allow people to bring their private lives into the often alienating world of work. Through ethnographic ...

The Business of Creativity Toward an Anthropology of Worth

The Business of Creativity: Toward an Anthropology of Worth

1st Edition

By Brian Moeran
December 15, 2013

How does a group of people, brought together because of their diverse skills and professional knowledge, set out to be ‘creative’? How are ongoing tensions between beauty, fame, and money resolved? In The Business of Creativity, Brian Moeran, a leading scholar and writer on the creative industries,...

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