1st Edition

Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences

Edited By Arti Gupta, Ram Prasad Copyright 2024
    204 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book offers comprehensive coverage of all manifestations of resistance in combating infectious diseases and explores advances in antimicrobial resistance in agriculture and their applications in the fight against microbes. It discusses and compares biological, biochemical, and structural aspects of resistance and its evolution. This is a comprehensive tool covering all manifestations of antimicrobial resistance and microbial resistance genes. In addition, it also provides a variety of photographs, diagrams, and tables to help illustrate the material. Novel strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance are also described, emphasizing collaborative measures of control. The underlining molecular mechanisms, which depend not only on the microbe but on the specific drug (target) molecule, are highly diverse and are covered in great detail.

    Students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, academics, computational biologists, stakeholders, and policymakers can benefit from using Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences as a resource that addresses microbial biotechnology, microbiology, ethnopharmacology, toxicology, medicinal plant products, and all disciplines related to antimicrobial research.

    Features of the book:

    • Covers antimicrobial resistance in agriculture with up-to-date research
    • Includes recent references on each plausible antimicrobial resistance in agriculture
    • Details the possible spread of antibiotic resistance bacteria from animals to humans
    • Provides several perspectives in the resistance flux with modern agricultural practices
    • Describes the public health impact of the use of antibiotics in agriculture
    • Presents cutting-edge research on epigenetics, nanotechnology, and emergent antimicrobial technologies
    • Outlines recent laws and regulatory guidelines in the federal agency, responsibility, and authority

    1 Antimicrobial Resistance: Causes, Effects, and Mitigation

    Raman Singh, Sakshi Malik, Nikhilesh Bhadauriya, and Kuldeep Singh

    2 Antibiotic Resistance from Theory to Facts

    Amro Abd Al Fattah Amara, Nawal Abd El-Baky, Mounir Mohamed Salem-Bekhit, Khairy Mohamed Abdallah Zoheir, and Mohamed Morsi Mohamed Ahmed

    3 Aspects of Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture: Mechanism, Types and Prospects

    Sakshi Patel, Ameeta Sharma, Neha Batra, and P.C. Trivedi

    4 Application of Nanobiotechnology in Detection and Diagnosis of Phytopathogens

    Riya Rachel Joji, Malavika Ram AK, Ajay Tomar, and Meenakshi Rana

    5 Antimicrobial Resistance in Agrarian Distress

    Neelam Chaudhary, Chandan Singh, and Deepak Vyas

    6 Host Plant Resistance and Sustainable Management of Insect Pests

    S.A. Dwivedi and T.R. Pandit

    7 Sustainable Management Practices in Contrast to Pod Borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner), in Chickpea

    S.A. Dwivedi and V.K. Sonawane

    8 Recent Trends in Antimicrobial Drug Resistance and Implications for the Needs of Microbial Toxicology Research

    Rida Sagheer, Malik Nasibullah, and Nazia Iqbal

    9 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Antimicrobial Research: An Emerging Tool for Translational Research

    Ravindra Kumar, Rajrani Ruhel, and Sohani Singh Jain

    10 A Tracking of Antimicrobial Resistance through Metagenomics

    Ketaki Ramani, Manan Desai, and Kruti Dangar


    Arti Gupta, Ph.D., obtained her doctorate from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, India, in 2010 in animal science. Dr. Gupta’s current research interests include animal biotechnology, molecular plant biotechnology, molecular animal biotechnology, bioprocess technology, and microbiology. Since July 2014, Dr. Gupta has been employed at Shri Avadh Raj Singh Smarak Degree College, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India, and has been engaged in editorial work with Springer Nature. Dr. Gupta has 10 years of teaching and research experience in plant and animal biotechnology and microbial biotechnology; in 2023–24 she served as external examiner for central evaluation at MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

    Dr. Gupta has been awarded University Topper (Gold Medal), M.Sc. (Biotech.) by Ch.C.S.University, Meerut; Young Scientist Award (Gold Medal) by the Zoological Society of India, Lucknow; Best Poster Presenter awarded by Asian Journal of Experimental Science, Jaipur; Best Poster Presenter by International Consortium of Contemporary Biologists (ICCB) and Madhawai-Shyam Educational Trust, Ranchi; Fellowship Award by International Consortium of Contemporary Biologist (FICCB) and Madhawi Shayam Educational Trust (FMSET); and Dr. V.P. Agarwal (Gold Medal) by D.A.V. (P.G.) College, Muzaffarnagar. She has published 1 monograph, 7 book chapters, around 50 National and International research papers, and 9 edited books; she has presented 28 abstracts in national and international symposia/seminars/conferences/workshops. Dr. Gupta has lifetime membership of the Indian Science Congress Association, Biotech Research Society of India, Zoological Society of India, and International Consortium of Contemporary Biologists. She has served as a member of several editorial boards. Previously, Dr. Gupta was employed as Teaching Personnel, G.B. Pantnagar University, Pantnagar, Uttrakhand, India, and Visiting Academic Researcher, Biorefining and Advanced Material Research Center (BAMRC), Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

    Ram Prasad, Ph.D. is associated with the Department of Botany, Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari, Bihar, India. His research interests include applied and environmental microbiology, plant-microbe interactions, sustainable agriculture, and nanobiotechnology. Dr. Prasad has more than 275 publications (total citations 13,840 with an h-index 59, i10-index 189) to his credit, including research papers, review articles, and book chapters, as well as seven patents issued or pending, and he has edited or authored several books. Dr. Prasad has 14 years of teaching experience and has been awarded the Young Scientist Award and Prof. J.S. Datta Munshi Gold Medal by the International Society for Ecological Communications; Fellowship of Biotechnology Research Society of India; Fellow of Agricultural Technology Development Society, India; Fellow of the Society for Applied Biotechnology; the American Cancer Society UICC International Fellowship for Beginning Investigators, United States; Outstanding Scientist Award in the field of Microbiology; and BRICPL Science Investigator Award and Research Excellence Award. He served as a member of several editorial boards. Previously, Dr. Prasad served as Assistant Professor at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India; Visiting Assistant Professor, Whiting School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States; and Research Associate Professor at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.