1st Edition

Applications of Silicon-Germanium Heterostructure Devices

By C.K Maiti, G.A Armstrong Copyright 2001

    The first book to deal with the design and optimization of transistors made from strained layers, Applications of Silicon-Germanium Heterostructure Devices combines three distinct topics-technology, device design and simulation, and applications-in a comprehensive way. Important aspects of the book include key technology issues for the growth of strained layers, background theory of the HBT, how device simulation can be used to predict the optimum HBT device structure for a particular application such as cryogenics, compact SiGe-HBT models for RF applications and the SPICE parameter extraction, and strategies for the enhancement of the high-frequency performance of heterojunction field effect transistors (HFETs) using MOSFET or MODFET structures. The book also covers the design and application of optoelectronic devices and assesses how SiGe technology competes with other alternative technologies in the RF wireless communications marketplace.

    Film Growth and Material Parameters
    Principles of SiGe-HBTs
    Design of SiGe-HBTs
    Simulation of SiGe-HBTs
    Strained-Si Heterostructure FETs
    SiGe Heterostructure Schottky Diodes
    SiGe Optoelectronic Devices
    RF Applications of SiGe-HBTs


    C.K Maiti, G.A Armstrong

    "The authors have certainly identified a gap in the literature … Overall, the book is very informative and provides a strong foundation for work in this active research area."
    -K. Alan Shore, Optics and Photonics News